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Question from sasuke:

Do you know what the map "Haunted Woods 1.10 WC Piece" is for? if yes what are the pricces and where can i use it?

I had done a post on this before. You can go to these posts to find out.

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Haunted Woods 1.10 WC Piece is from the 1 series. Right now, when you play the challenge game and won, you will get the 3 series picture pieces. So you have 2 choices.
1. Sell this off. (you can sell it for approximately 26k)
Here's the price list of all the picture pieces from Haunted wood 1 serie:

2. Buy the rest of the 19 pieces and convert it. You will get a rare/expensive item.

I converted my Virtupets Space Station 1 series and got a Snowickle which is trading for 2.5 million np. (note to meself: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSlap myself silly. I gave this to a friend who got her account frozen and need to start all over. )


Update #1:

I forgot to add. Once you convert the complete picture pieces, you won't get anymore picture pieces from the world challenge from that category. So if you would like to make NP from selling these picture pieces, don't convert it.

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