DoN: Series 1: Mission 11-Snow Beast  

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The Trophy:

The Mission:

Judge Hog

Uggh, if it's not one thing then it's another.

Get yourself to Terror Mountain at once and save those poor Chias. I had to deal with a Snowbeast once myself, and, well I was a lot younger then, but they are certainly tough opponents.

Good Luck!

The Comic:

My Enemy:

TNT's recommendation:
Difficulty Rating: 300

Starting Hit Points: 300

Location Hint: Well, this Valley USED to be happy ...
(You can find him at Terror Mountain. Maybe pay a visit to the Advent page and refresh a while there! You may also find him while playing Cliffhanger.)

Suggested Minimum Strength: 125

Tip: This is one vicious opponent who can heal, freeze and completely devastate you with his weapons. Although it is possible to beat him with 125 boost, TNT suggest training your Hit Points to 150.

How to fight him:

I went into the battle with these equipment:

Round 1: Begin by freezing the Snow Beast and hitting himn with a Water Muffin while using the Faerie Ability "sink".

I froze him. But he took 109HP from me leaving me with 22HP.

Round 2: Once he's frozen, hit the Snow Beast with a Honey Potion and a Water Muffin, and berserk again.

So I had to change strategy and use Regeneration instead of berserk Attack. I managed to heal and my hp is increased to 59HO

Round 3: For your final turn, use a Scuzzy's Comb (or other weapon of your choice), your Jade Elixir, and burrow.

As you can see, I lost.


Why did I lose? Because I forgot, TNT's recommendation is 150HP.

So back to training. Sigh...

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Valiant try. You're doing great with DoN. My pet is at 133 level, strength, HP + 113 defence and I've still not beaten Ghostkerchief (even using your strategy). He keeps reflecting my hits back at me even through the thick smoke bomb. Keep up the good work!

11:35 AM

Thanks. You need to increase your Strength to 125 and defence to 85.

3:38 PM

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