World Challenge - Part 3 - How To Play  

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So now that you know what this World challenge is all about, how do you go about getting those prizes?

Step 1: Go to the bottom of the page of GAME.

There you will find this:

Step 2: Clicking on the World Challenge.
It will bring you to the Index page where you will see this:

Pick a world you want to enter. For my example, I picked Virtupets Space Station.

Here I find 3 games. I chose Typing Terror Challenge

Step 3: Clicking on the Typing Terror Challenge, it will bring you to this page.

Step 4: Click "Enter the Challenge"

It will ask you if you are sure you want to do this.

Click "OK" and 100NP is deducted from you.

Step 5: Now you will see this page telling you to play the game.

Click on "Play and Send your Score".

This will bring you to the game page. Notice a robot thiny on top of the screen. That's to tell you, you are in a world challenge in that hour.

Step 6: Play the game.
You have 1 hour to send as many score as you want. But try not to send score that's too low because it also count into your rank.

You can check the outcome by going back to the page where you enter the game.
You will see something like this.

When your score is tallied with another player, you will see this:

Step 7: Collect your winning
If you win, TNT will send you a neomail, and you will find a pic in your inventory.

My picture piece:

Additional Info:
There are 20 picture to collect for each world. Once you have collected all 20 pictures, you can convert them.

If you want to add into the picture, leave your picture in your inventory, then go to the World Challenges Gallery. You will see your picture piece at the bottom. Click "add to picture" and it will add the picture pieces into the gallery. Once you have collected all 20, you get 2000np plus a random prize. The last time I converted my picture pieces, I got a snowsnickle.

This is what I have converted.

There are people who play this challenge to sell the picture pieces. So think carefully what you want to do. Once you have converted the picture piece, you can't play that game anymore until a new set of picture piece is released.

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