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Uni Day - Mar 2nd

As of November 2006, they are the 5th most popular neopet with almost 8.9 million living in Neopia.

Unis look like winged unicorns. They are the most beautiful and vainest neopet to exist. They will spend hours brushing their flowing mane and stare endlessly at their reflection every time they passes a mirror. So if you own a Uni, make sure you supply this neopet with a good supply of assorted brushes and beauty accessories to keep it extremely happy. Be warned however, should you ever go shopping with this neopet by your side, make sure you carry at least a thick wad of cash, as the Uni have very expensive tastes in designer clothes and accessories.

In the Neopets TCG, Unis are associated with the element of light.

Famous Unis include:
* The Uni who works at the pound

* Fabio

He runs the clothing store Uni.

* Nightsteed

The Nightsteed is prince Jazan's best friend, a zombified Uni who lost the abillity to fly due to it's tattered wings. While waiting for a Sakhmet princess to be old enough to marry Jazan, the two went out on adventures in the world for over 200 years, until the day arrived that the prophecy, presumably, could be broken.

* Solarin,

The Uni who is entrusted by King Hagan to watch out for his niece, Roberta, in the Darkest Faerie trading card game.

* Tawnia

The Island Uni.

* The Kelp Waitress

* Valtonous Rea

Valtonous Rea is a Goalkeeper for Faerieland in the Altador Cup 2006. Because his team features a trio of scorers who don't defend particularly well, Valtonous faces more shots than just about any goalie in the game. He may not shut many teams down, but because of Faerieland's high-powered offense, he usually doesn't have to.

Avatar related to a Uni:
Beauty Avatar

Groom your pet with any grooming item like a comb.

Bon Appetit Avatar

This is randomly awarded when you are able to take leftovers from the restaurant Kelp. I have talk about it here in detail.

Faboo Avatar

You need to buy an item of clothing from Uni Fashion which has a rarity of 80+
Some examples: Usuki Sunglasses, Cybunny X Ray Glasses, Studded Collar, Valentines Day T-Shirt, JubJub T-shirt, Yellow Mortog T-Shirt, Kougra Collar, Cybunny Collar, Ornate Usul Collar, Red Cap, Blue Cap, Orange Cap, Green JubJub Cap, War Chia Top.

Nightsteed Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Halloween Uni between 8pm nst and 6am nst.

I think Uni is beautiful:

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