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Usul Day also called the Usul Skiing Season - Nov 27th

As of November 2006 they are the 15th most popular pet with almost 5.4 million living in Neopia. I used to have 1 until it got zapped into ...

The Usul began to receive large attention on June 7, 2001, with the release of Usuki Dolls and Usukiland. The Usul can also be painted the Usuki colour, which is unique to the Usul with the Usuki Paint Brush. In it's Annual Usuki Doll Convention on August 20 where new dolls will be released, they became the most featured pet in Neopia.

In the Neopets TCG, Usuls are associated with the element of Earth.

Famous Usuls include:
* Hannah

Lively and adventurous (nearly to a fault), Hannah is head and tails above any other explorer. Whether it's dank pirate caves, Lost Desert tombs, or the icy crags of Terror Mountain, this clever Usul has traversed it all!

Once a bored serving girl in a Krawk Island tavern, Hannah discovered an old book, which revealed the pirate caves' hidden location. Ever since that day, Hannah's been making a name for herself as an unparalleled adventurer.

She is featured in the game Hannah and the Pirate Caves - Part 1 and Part 2 and the Ice Caves.

* Garin

The brave pirate Garin is a rather unlikely entry in the Gallery of Heroes. Captain of the Black Pawkeet, Garin typically spends his days sailing the high seas in search of opportunities to plunder and loot. Unlike most pirates, however, Garin is known as more of a romantic, swashbuckling type who very rarely resorts to violence.

Garin and his shipmates proved themselves to be honourable in their battle against the dreaded crew of the Revenge, who were led by the notorious Captain Scarblade. Through a series of valiant struggles, Garin and his crew helped King Kelpbeard and the Kingdom of Maraqua to emerge victorious. Garin has (regrettably) refused to give up his pirating ways and continues sailing the high seas to this day.

* Gilly

She is the Usul of The Castle of Eliv Thade and also stars in the Tale of Woe Plot.

* Princess Vyssa

Princess Vyssa is the daughter of King Coltzan III, and is loved by the inhabitants of Sakhmet as much as she is beautiful. She was going to be next in line to her fathers throne, but the task has been left to Princess Amira.

* Sally

The Usul who is the self-titled "greatest Usuki collector in the world" and has her own Neopedia article. She also stars in her mini game, "Usuki Frenzy".

* Sally (BfM)
The other Sally is in the farms of Meridell. She was featured in the Battle for Meridell Plot. She helped Lord Darigan regain his strength.

* The malevolent Shadow Usul

The Shadow Usul is a mysterious Usul who only appears at night, and has mainly been spotted in and around Neopia Central. What her motives are we have no idea, but we suggest you keep your wits about you.

You cannot paint an usul with a "Shadow" Paintbrush, as TNT did not wish to have a confusion between the Shadow Usul and shadow painted usuls. A Neopedia article about her.

* Ursula Usul

This dedicated Usul has just one focus in life, to be the Ultimate Gormball Champion. She has studied her entire life for this and wont be beaten easily.

* Uggsul

The Tyrannian Usul who divides her day between playing GoGoGo and grooming her long tresses. She is found playing Tyranu Evavu

Being fabulously wealthly she doesn't play cards for the money. She wants to be the GoGoGo Champion to show off to Princess Fernypoo and stop the spoilt little Acara boasting about her Cheat games.

* Shylock Usulski

Shylocks investigative skills are renowned far and wide. If there is a problem that needs solving, she is on the case.

* Usinda

An athletic Usul who plays every game she can, and does her best whenever she plays. It isnt about who wins, she says, its about how much they won by!

* Uzarro

Bank managers all across Neopia tremble at the mention of Uzarros name. There isnt a security system she cannot get through, and she loves nothing more than emptying bank vaults.

* Fenny Vail

She is the Left Defender in the Roo Island team in the Altador Cup2006. This versatile youngster is capable of either moving up and playing as a third forward or dropping back and assuming her regular role as a defender. Her biggest weakness, however, is a lack of shooting accuracy.

Avatar related to Usul:
Usul - Royal Boy Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Male Royal Usul.

Fishing Avatar

You will get this avatar when you catch a Titanic Giant Squid at the Underwater Cavern. It was said that you can catch this squid when your fishing level is at 94. However, my friend got it at level 56 and I got it at level 120. Go figures.

Hannah and the pirate caves Avatar

Score 150,000 points in Hannah and the pirate caves

Usuki Avatars

Watch the Usuki Adverts HERE , Then close the advert's window and refresh the page to get both Avatars

Usul are pretty too:

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