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Kelp Restaurant is located under the sea at Maraqua.

Everyone wants to go to this restaurant since it opened. The average Neopian would be fortunate to have even a glimpse of the inside of the incredible Kelp, as the tabs are in the tens of thousands of Neopoints, and there never seems to be any end to the waiting lists. So I guess it's only right that the Neopet Magazine did an interview at this restaurant.

Q: How do I get a reservation at Kelp Restaurant?

A: Kelp is one of the most popular restaurant in Neopia, and for this reason, it can be quite hard to get a "reservation." This was especially the case for many months after the Kelp avatar's released.

What does it mean when the Scorchio host informs you that you don't have a reservation? It simply means that there are 100 visitors who are already enjoying their food in the restaurant. No more than 100 guests at a time can dine at Kelp. If you visit and get a cold shoulder from the host, try coming back at a later time when the restaurant is less crowded.

Q:I don't understand how the restaurant work.
A:At Kelp, once you are seated, the waitress will appear to take your order.

On top of the page, there are four different food courses. Appetisers, Main Course, Dessert, and Cocktails.

Click "Appetizers". you will now see a menu with the various delicious meals that the restaurant offers. Select a menu make it part of your order by clicking on it's name. Continue doing this until you have chosen one item from each of the 4 courses. Once all of your selections have been made, go to the EAT page and click the button that says "EAT ALL OF THEH FOOD".

Q:Do I have to order from all four different courses of food?
A: At Kelp, you will not be allowed to eat unless you have selected 4 types of food.

Q:My Neopets ate all the food. Now What?
A: Most of the time after eating,your Neopet will say, "This meal really filled me up!!!" If this happens, unfortunately, you'll receive no reward for your efforts.

If you're lucky, though, after eating you will get a message from your Neopet saying that he or she doesn't think they can finish everything, adn they'll ask if they can take some home. If this is the case - score! You just got a food item from Kelp to take back to your inventory!

Q:Do I get all the food I ordered?
A:Alas, you will only receive one of the items from teh food you ordered. Therefore, if you want something else, you'll have to try again.

Q:I never get the main course or cocktail as my take-home item!
A: Main courses and cocktails ar ethe toughest items to bring home. The odds are much higher that you will walk away with an appetiser or dessert.

Q:Does eating at the restaurants really feed your Neopets?
A: Yes, your active Neopet who eats at the restaurant will actually be fed by eating there.

Q:Egads. It's expensive! What are the least expensive meals?
A: At Kelp, the least expensive meal is:
Angel Hair Salad/Tropical Fruit Bowl
Spciy radish Salad
Honeyed Horn of Plenty
Lemwart Fizz/Thornberry Brew
Total Cost: 60,400NP

Q: Kelp deosn't show the prices of the menu items!
A: Here's the list


Maraquan Cream Broth

Restaurant Price - 13,300Np
Wizard Price- 50,000NP

Kelp Gazpacho

Restaurant Price - 15,000Np
Wizard Price-

Ocean Delight Salad

Restaurant Price - 14,700NP
Wizard Price - 90,000NP

Mixed Green Salad

Restaurant Price - 13,400NP
Wizard Price -

Fresh Oysters

Restaurant Price - 16,300NP
Wizard Price -

Angel Hair Salad

Restaurant Price - 13,000
Wizard Price -

Succulent Cheese Dip

Restaurant Price - 14,300NP
Wizard Price -

Tropical Fruit bowl

Restaurant Price - 13,000NP
Wizard Price - 14,969NP

Pate A La Kelp

Restaurant Price - 15,800NP
Wizard Price -

Main Course:

Fillet of Beef

Restaurant Price- 33,000NP
Wizard Price -

Spicy Radish Salad

Restaurant Price- 28,400NP
Wizard Price - 2,297NP

Stramberry Sausages

Restaurant Price- 31,200NP
Wizard Price -

Ocean Platter

Restaurant Price- 33,000NP
Wizard Price -

Fish Special

Restaurant Price - 32,500NP
Wizard Price -

Braised Turkey Cutlet

Restaurant Price - 29,000NP
Wizard Price -

Whole Roast Pheasant

Restaurant Price - 32,400NP
Wizard Price -

Luxurious Vegetarian Star Pie

Restaurant Price - 29,1000NP
Wizard Price -


Kelp's Signature Ice Cream

Restaurant Price - 12,100NP
Wizard Price -

Honeyed Horn of Plenty

Restaurant Price - 12,000
Wizard Price -

Peachpa and Stramberry Shell

Restaurant Price - 12,2000NP
Wizard Price -

Coral Cake

Restaurant Price - 12,300NP
Wizard Price -

Octopi Souffle

Restaurant Price - 12,500NP
Wizard Price -

Triple Chocolate Shell

Restaurant Price - 12,400NP
Wizard Price -


Aged Tchea Juice

Restaurant Price - 8,000NP
Wizard Price -

Funnydew Melon Delight

Restaurant Price - 9,000NP
Wizard Price -

Lemwart Fizz

Restaurant Price - 7,000NP
Wizard Price -

Phear Juice Tonic

Restaurant Price - 8,000NP
Wizard Price -

Twirly Fruit Blend

Restaurant Price - 9,000NP
Wizard Price -

Thornberry Brew

Restaurant Price - 7,000NP
Wizard Price -

Cornupepper Lemonade

Restaurant Price - 9,000NP
Wizard Price -

Foozette Juice

Restaurant Price - 9,000 Neopoints
Wizard Price -

Seaweed Surprise

Restaurant Price - 9,000 Neopoints
Wizard Price -

Blue and Orange Rambus Blend

Restaurant Price - 9,000 Neopoints
Wizard Price -

Q:How do you get the Kelp Avatar?
A: To get the Bon App├ętit Avatar, visit the Kelp Restaurant, eat there, and if you get to take something home, you get the avatar. Whether you get to bring something home, it's random. So another expensive but try your luck avatar.

Note: When you go to the restaurant, you can't buy at the wizard and eat at the restaurant. This Kelp Restaurant doesn't practise BYO. You have to order from their menu and pay the price listed. I add the Wizard Price to show that you can purchase this food from the market and give it to your other pets.

Price List taken from The Neopet Magazine, Issue #19.

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I have spent more than 200k np at the Kelp restaurant, but no left over to take back... :(

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