GMC: Day 4 Challenges  

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1. Send Scores Challenge

Ambitious As Wanting To Paint Your Neopet Royal

Send your score in thirty different qualifying Flash games.


2. Game Challenge

A Rather Grave Situation
Travel through the tombs and post a score of 100 on Mutant Graveyard of Doom II.


3. Random Challenge

Think Hard, Now...
Rate the difficulty of one qualifying Flash game.

My Comment:
Seems like this doesn't work. It may be a glitch.

Rate a qualifying flash game at 10 and you should complete this challenge.
However, if it still doesn't work, (like me) what I did was rate the game to another figure like 3. Then re-rate the game to 10. Then you should complete this task.

Thanks everyone who commented. Really appreciated the tip.


4. Secret Game Challenge

Tomb For Improvement
Lay those Ghost Petpets to rest and earn a score of 75 on Ghost Bopper.


5. Theme Challenge

Dark Times Ahead
AAA says, "Are you afraid of the dark? Here's one way to prove that you're not!"

* Score 250 in Carnival of Terror
* Score 100 in Edna's Shadow
* Score 350 in Korbats Lab
* Score 60 in Feed Florg


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First of all I realy like you're blog. It was very handy.

I have a comment about the random challenge on day four. It is not a glitch. This is what I found on another page:

Think Hard, Now...
Rate the difficulty of one qualifying Flash game.

For example, rate Tubular Kiko Racing with a difficult score of 10 (most red). After you see the 10 in the white square next to it, your done!''

I tried it and it works.


The netherlands, europe

4:34 AM

for the random challenge i don't know how i did but i did

4:39 AM

I also rated a few games and nothing, then I rated todays featured game, Snowball Fight and it worked. Can't tell you how much I've used your blog the last year. Thank you

5:40 AM

Random Challenge Rate the difficulty of one qualifying Flash game as a 10.

5:44 AM

thanks everyone.

7:46 AM

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