GMC: Day 3 Challenges  

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1. Send Scores Challenge

Demanding As Completing A Secret Laboratory Map

Send your score in fifteen different qualifying Flash games.

My Comment:
When you complete today's challenges, you would have played 5 games. So you just need to play another 5 more games from the list to complete this challenge.


2. Game Challenge

Don't Get Scooped!
Dodge the ice cream scoops and earn a score of 1,500 on Ice Cream Machine.


3. Random Challenge

Many Happy Returns
In main game room, enter a search term that gives at least 5 results.

My Comment:
Go to the game room and type : GAME in the search and you will complete this challenge.


4. Secret Game Challenge

Break The Ice

Guide Deiter past the Snow Wurms on the way to a score of 500 on Snowmuncher.


5. Theme Challenge

Test The WatersAAA says, "This is your chance to show off your gaming skills and really make a splash!"
* Score 150 in Mop 'n' Bop
* Score 50 in Tubular Kiko Racing
* Score 150 in Jubble Bubble


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