GMC: Day 2 Challenges  

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1. Send Scores Challenge

Challenging As Buying One Of Each Codestone
Send your score in five different qualifying Flash games.
Scores sent: 5/5

My comment:
You would have this completed if you have done Day 1 Challenges.


2. Random Challenge

Three Of A Kind

Add three qualifying Flash games to your favourites.

My Comment:
Find a game and scroll down to the bottom and you will see a heart shape thingy. Click on it to add to favorite. Then go do the same thing with 2 other games.

However, if you have a favorite list, clear it first or else it won't work.


3. Game Challenge

Gather up the Neggs (except red ones) while scoring 100 at Meerca Chase.

Prize: Key Quest Token

You have been awarded a Key Quest token for completing this challenge!
Your new AAA token can be found in the Key Quest Collector's Case.

4. Secret Game Challenge

Bombs Away!

Blast those invaders till you've reached a score of 200 on Chia Bomber 2.


5. Theme Challenge

In The Hot Seat

AAA says, "It's time to show that you can stand the heat when things get too hot to handle."

* Score 60 in Magma Blaster
* Score 200 in Volcano Run II
* Score 400 in Destruct-O-Match III


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i rate you 10 for a very good guide..but hope you could give newbies infos on games that are not working like destruct o match. thankz

10:31 PM

Destruct O Match worked fine for me... Maybe try again?

And thanks for the guide!! I couldn't figure out today's Top Secret Challenge. 'Course, I'll never get 200 in that game (am I lame or what? lol), but I 'preciate the info!

2:23 AM

Here's a guide for Volcano Run II.

Hope it helps.

Keep trying. I am not good at this game either. But I just keep trying.
What I did was in the very beginning, if there aren't any of those diamond to collects, I restart the game. Sooner or later, a game will start off with lots of those diamond to collect and these bonus plus the distant you go can easily add up to 200.

Patients is what's needed for this game.

Don't give up.

8:05 PM

Anonymous, my destruct's game is working. Maybe you can try using firefox or some other browser. Or if you are using firefox, switch back to IE.

8:07 PM

Thanks!! I actually meant Chia Bomber, but I've had problems with Volcano Run, too. Thanks so much!!! I didn't know there were guides!!

Happy Thanksgiving,

9:16 AM

check this guide for chia bomber and see if it helps.

7:22 PM

That was so awesome. I did much better!!

12:12 AM

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