GMC: Day 1 Challenges  

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1. Send Scores Challenge

Easy As Creating A Bottled Sand Gallery

Send your score in one qualifying Flash game.

My Comment:
Play any of the game on the qualifying list.


2. Game Challenge

Far From Gnome

Rack up a score of 170 by avoiding the gnomes as you play Wingoball.


3. Random Challenge

Finished In A Flash

Rate one qualifying Flash game.

My Comment:
Go to the top of the game page and you will see something like this. Just click on any color to rate it.


4. Secret Game Challenge

Anyone Got A Match?

Flip your way to a score of 75 on Kiko Match II.


5. Theme Challenge

Rise And Shine!

AAA says, "Can you prove that you're as brilliant as me when it comes to mastering games?"

* Score 250 in Faerie Bubbles
* Score 25 in Mynci Beach Volleyball


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For my day 1, 2nd challenge is:

Get The Drop...

Roust those Rabbids for a score of 1000 on Capri Sun's Rabbid Droppings.

is that odd?

8:19 AM

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