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Remember this post I made a while ago on Keyquest?

I was playing it last night and have been playing getting a few background, stamps and furniture for prizes. The prizes are nothing to scream about because it's really cheap at the wizard now. And it can get quite frustrating because sometimes it will freeze or take a long time to load. But if you have time to waste, why not. I play it while fighting monsters on NQ2. (I am playing NQ2 on evil mode. It's tought... Really tough...)


It's really easy to play.
Just like monopoly, going round the board.

I will update here the minigame later.
Forgot to catch the screenshots.

Go HERE and play.

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Sigh, this game can give you headaches at times. Really really annoying for me when it gets really laggy. ESPECIALLY AT THE START OF A MINIGAME. Or everyone leaves.

9:01 AM

How to play hur???


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