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Haven't been playing neopet for a few months and since then we had the Altador Cup and this new thing called Key Quest.

This is a multi-player game that you are able to chat with friends as you play Key Quest.

The information below are taken from Key Quest Tutorial.

Some Background Info

You have to try to collect the correct number of keys and be the first to reach and unlock the goal door. Players can choose how many keys they would like to collect in a specific game. It can be a two-key game up or a five-key game.


This game can be played by 2 -4 players.
Before the game begins, each player must choose a character token to represent them on the game board. You are given a choice of 4 free tokens, though other tokens can be collected or purchased throughout Neopia.

Selecting Token

Each token has a specific alignment. That's Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Light, or Dark. (reminded me of those faeries)


Earth Token:
The wisdom of the forest, the force of nature, and the beauty of flowers.

Air Token:
The power of the elements at your very fingertips!

Water Token:
A magic as deep and ancient as the ocean itself.


Fire Token:
Brilliant, beautiful, but dangerous. Don't get burned.

Light Token:
All that is good and pure and bright in the world.

Dark Token:
Those who dabble in darkness, beware getting lost.

Starting the Game:


Once you have entered the Key Quest Game Lobby, you can view the Key Quest tutorial, create or join a game, or choose "Quick Game" to jump directly into a game.

A: Create Your Own Game:


1. Choose the number of keys you wish to play
2. Select the number of players.
3. Invite others to join your game.

Note: The number of keys collected affects your prize.

B: Join a Game by Keys or Topic:


1. Choose a room that interest you either by Topic of Key.
2. Enter the room and join in any available game that you like in that room.

C: Quick Game:

Just jump into the first available game.

Key Quest Game Board

A: The Interface:



B: User Display - Displays players token, statistics, and power-up they currently have. Along the top of the game screen is a display showing all the character tokens, statistics and current power-ups.


C: Chat and Alerts - Chat with friends, make new ones, and receive messages about important events happening in the game.


D: Play Cards - Decide what action to take, such as choosing a power-up to use or rolling the die.


E: Mini-Map - View other areas of large boards without having to move very far.

F: Other:


Home Square - Starter Tile. Can only revisit if someone else sends you home.

Quest Door - Collect all the keys and get your token to this tile for the win.

Neopoint Square - Land on or pass over this to earn Neopoints.


Power-up Squares - Land on this and receive a random power-up

Mini-game Squares - Land on this to play a mini-game.

Teleport Square - Land here and choose whether to be whisked away somewhere else or not.

G: Power Ups:


Catapult - Choose any 1 player and send them back to their home spot.

Misdirected Compass - Choose any 1 player and reverse their direction.

Loaded Gummy Die - Choose what value your next roll will be.

Sticky Hand - Choose 1 player and take any 1 power-up.


Transporter Helmet - Choose 1 player and swap tile positions.

Distraction Potion - Choose 1 player and swap 1 key from your inventory with 1 key from their inventory.

Bottle of Quicksand - Choose 1 player to lose a turn.

Key Grabber - Choose 1 player and take any 1 key.

Note: From Boludototal:-

Catapult, Distraction Potion, Bottle of Quicksand, and Key Grabber are only avaible in games of 3 or 4 players.


1. Read Mini-Game Instructions
Each mini-games begins with easy to understand play instructions.

2. Highest score
Each mini-game is set to play for a specific time.

3. Collect Rewards
Winner is awarded with a key of their choice.

Playing the Game:

A: Order of Turns:

The order of turns is determined at the start of the game by each plyer rolling a six-sided die. Highest roll goes first, followed by the second highest, etc.


1. Choose a Color - Select what color you would like your token base to be. First come, first served.

2. Order - Click on the die to roll. Highest roll goes first.

3. Choose a House - Select starter house. Highest roll gets to select first.

4. Get Ready to Play.

B: Rolling Dice and Power-ups:

The player with the highest roll goes first each round. You can carry up to 3 power-up at a time. You will be given 15 seconds to choose or swap out a power-up.


1. Simply click the die icon to roll or power-up icon to play a card.
2. Select which Power-up to use if yo have more than one.
3. If you already have 3 power-ups, discard the new one or swap on old one out.

C: Movement:


Movement goes in one direction. If you reach an intersection, you can change direction or backtrack. You'll be given 15 seconds to choose where to go.

D: Winning the Game:


The winner of the game is the player who reaches the Quest Door with the correct number of keys (each one of a different color).

E: Redeeming Prizes:


To redeem your Key Quest prizes, click on the "Unlock Your Prize" button on the final screen. You will then be taken tot he prize redemption page, where you can use the keys you won in the game to unlock doors and collect prizes. Different types of keys unlock different doors, each of which has a unique level prize.

After collecting your prize, your can return to the Vault to use more keys if you wish, or you can go back to the Key Quest Hub page to play again!.

Note from Boludototal:-
You can redeem 10 keys per day, but you can win lots more, and redeem it another day.

Note: I will add more screen shots as I play the game.

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Kreai, you are back =) !!!

The PowerUps:

Distraction Potion
Bottle of Quicksand
Key Grabber

They are avaible just in games of 3 or 4 players.

You can dedeem 10 key per day, but you can win lots more, and redeem it another day =)

I dont know whats that of the "Token", io`ve never saw it

5:51 AM

Thanks Boludototal. I will add that in.

The token - it's in the tutorial. I am not sure too. I haven't seen it either.

7:30 AM

Maybe... thy will be able when the "2; 3; and 4 Kays Games" be avaibles.

12:28 AM

I know about key quest and all. But is there ways to get tokens for free?Without having to purchas something?

3:41 PM

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