Plot: Petpet Protection League - Mission 3 - Faerieland  

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In order to rescue your next petpet, the Pinixy, you will have to open up a portal to Faerieland... But before you can do that, you will have to close up the portals that were opened before you arrived!

1. Choose one portal.

This is the portal:

2. Then you will see what monster you have to fight with.

3. When you defeated the monster, the portal will close.

4. Now go to another portal and try to see if you will find the pinixies.

How to get fight the Monster?

Set the slider (see red arrow in pix)on the C.A.R.P. and push the big red button!(purple arrow) That'll energize the frequency normalization field, and close the portal! You'll have to use the readout to figure out how close the frequency match is!

You have 3 chances to defeat the monster or else have to restart.

When you see this little fellow, you are done for this mission.

Here are some of the monsters:

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