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Advertisement before you can play the game?
What's happening to Neopet?
There are more and more pay, pay, pay stuff on Neopet.
Neopet is getting boring by the day.
No new plots. No new stuff.
Anyone knows when was the last time they release a new avatar?
Everything new - YOU HAVE TO PAY.

Sigh... It's just not the same after they are sold to ...

I have read somewhere and unfortunately, I have lost the link. Adam and Donna has left Neopet. They are no longer at Neopet and according to Donna, they couldn't even play Neopet either. Their account has been 'frozen'?

Anyway, Adam and Donna has created another online game site. If you are interested, let me know. I may make a post or 2 about it. It's very new and very limited. Just a handful of games. But if you register (which is free) in August and September, you get to collect "Achivement" which are only given to those registered in this 2 months.

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What's the new site? I'd be interested in seeing it.

9:27 AM

i wanna know O_O

10:51 AM

I'd like to see the site!

10:44 PM

what is the site?

3:01 AM

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