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Meteor Games Announces Twin Skies

The MMOG features multiple ways to play including a 3D PC game, web-based flash applications, mobile games and social networking.

August 5, 2008 - Meteor Games, LLC, an independent game studio created by Neopets founders Adam Powell and Donna Williams, is developing Twin
Skies, a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) that will target players of
all ages with all new content, accessible gameplay and advanced socializing
options. While Twin Skies is a complete, fully 3D PC MMOG, players will be able
to interact with and even impact the online game world in entirely new ways,
including through a series of extensive web-based activities, mobile applications and social networking capabilities.

That's Adam and Donna

"Twin Skies will provide its players with multiple access points for enjoying the game world, allowing them to interact with the game when, where and for however long they want. PC players will be able to jump into the main Twin Skies PC MMO game to adventure, craft or explore the massive open world by themselves or with friends; players can also interact with Twin Skies on the official Web site via a series of fun and impactful flash-based mini games; or users can play Twin Skies through mobile applications and games. "

Source: Meteor Games

Right now the registration is free. You can sign up for free at Twin Skies.

If you sign up on the month of August and September, you will get an achivement.
To me, it's like the avatar or trophies of Neopet.

Registered players will earn points, which can be spent to customize their avatars, unlock new areas of the Web site or even spawn events within the online world. For example, achieving a high score in the Web-based Hungry Junkworm mini-game might create a huge junkworm in the Twin Skies game world which will then head off and attack players.

Full launch of the game is expected in 2009

I am still exploring so can't contribute much yet. So if you decided to join, let me know your ID and we can be friends. :D

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Hi, i've joined! it's rare buti kind of like it! :) I'm Milo Papadopolous... lol

11:18 PM

Will it cost money?
We'd rather your experience with our website and game wasn't distracted by ads, so we're aiming to charge a subscription in order to play the game. This may change though, nothing has been finalised yet. ~FAQ

They say they might charge money....

1:23 PM

i'm anya staralfur.
see you there :)

6:44 AM

Anonymous, yes, Donna did mentioned that they will be charging. But not the whole site.

I am still trying to find that interview where she mentioned.

8:15 AM

ok, my ID there is Furwitch Pillow. So those who want to be friend, you can add me.

I am still trying to figure out what to do there. But cos I am trying to upgrade my NQ trophies, so it's going to be a bit slow.

8:16 AM

I joined...not sure what to do there except for how to play the mini games but I joined lol

my ID is Rhiannon Nightcast

oh and I added everyone listed here :)


11:43 AM

kat, I don't haven't explore yet except for playing the mini game.

continuously log in for 7 consecutive days and you get 1 achievement (like avatar or trophy).

2:11 PM

Mine is Elive Fantasia :D

12:20 PM

I have joined and my name is - Snarkiest


10:47 PM

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