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Some information from the editorial that we can take note of :

Issue #349

Absence from Neopet

Question: What happens to all of the Neopets whose owners go away for a long time? Couldn't they be put up for adoption? ~shenmashiai

TNT: After a (very) long time they will eventually be purged with the account, so that the names can be used again. The Neopets are't placed in the Pound.

Get Frozen:
Question: When you say that you will have to freeze our accounts if we don't follow the rules, well... what do you mean, exactly? Does that mean we will never get to go on our account again? Or maybe in a week we can start right back up from where we left off? I am a newbie, and don't know much about Neopia yet, so this may or may not be a dumb question. This question is only asked out of curiosity. Thank you Neopets Team. ~banana_129
TNT: When an account is frozen, that means it is basically locked. No one can log into it, and your shop, user, and pet lookups can no longer be viewed. This is permanent, unless:
1.) You write in to support and plead your case if you feel that you really didn't deserve to be frozen and believe it was a misunderstanding.
2.) Your account was frozen for protection purposes, such as your account security being compromised through a scam or whatnot. You would then write in to support with proof that the account is yours and that you were not doing anything against T&C that caused your account to be compromised.
There are also suspensions, which lock you out of your account for a certain number of days but then return access to you automatically.
If your account is frozen and our email support team declines to return it, you are welcome to create another account (though we suggest re-reading the Terms and Conditions first). If you are creating a new account simply to repeat poor behaviour, then we'd prefer that you seek your entertainment elsewhere, so those who do play by the rules can enjoy the site more fully.
Altador Cup
Question: Hi TNT!!! *holds up plate of cookies until TNT answers question* I recently joined Team Maraqua for the Altador Cup, but now, a few days in, I realize that was a bad choice. So, I have a question regarding prizes. If my team performs terribly, but as an individual I play well, will I get prizes that are equal to those that are given to someone from a better-performing team who also plays well? ~brainykidd
TNT: For the Altador Cup, you get out of it what you put into it. Aside from the trophies awarded to the top teams, the prizes are mostly based on your personal performance.

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