Altador Cup 3 - Avatar  

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How to get:
Rank 1 level up to get this avatar.

One way to do this is by winning 50 games (not goals) of Yooyuball.

Or play about 700 games of Make Some Noise.

But it's advised that you play a mixture of games and try to go level 1.
I am testing to see if you will get the avatar by just playing Make Some Noise.
If not, I will try to play some mixture of games.
Will come back to update.
If you know something about this, let me know. Thanks.

When you have meet the requirement for going into Level 1, you will have the Something Has Happened like this:


This is my boy's score.


Kind of off from what some of the recommended calculation.
(You can find the calculation from jelly neo.

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Why did you send the score where you lose? o_OOO

3:11 AM

Rihard, accidentally sent. :D

11:47 PM

I've got the avatar! :) here my score:

Goals Scored 290
Goals by Volgoth 43
Goals by Teylor Nix 107
Goals by Bertie Shurtz 119
Goals by Vela Binal 21
Saves by Lor Benneveldt 13
Number of Wins 50
Number of Draws 0
Number of Losses 0
Slushie Slinger
Games Played 5
Top Score 553
Make Some Noise
Games Played 30
Top Score 7,057

10:08 AM

I didn't get the avatar.;(
I am really bad at the game.

2:51 PM

I'm not so good at the game, only scored 26 goals! :(

10:55 AM

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