New Game: Berry Bash  

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Berry Bash

Berry Bash: Help Rufus fulfill his duties as Grand Bogen by making sure that all the guests have a wonderful time! First, seat arriving guests by clicking on them and dragging them to a place at the table. Then serve each guest the berry that they ask for.

There are four types of guest you'll have to serve, and some of them are more demanding than others. It's Rufus's job to keep everybody happy by offering quick service and cleaning up when the guests have finished eating.

If Rufus successfully serves his patrons, while keeping them happy, he'll unlock new Gadgadsbogen berries!

How to Play:

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i tried playing this game but wen i got to the part that i had to feed the guest wen i clicked on it nothing happened

6:20 AM

the same happens with me does anyone know y

3:56 PM

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