The Pound will be back on MONDAY!!!  

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It's in the News today. (April 26,27)

Pound Update - *Holds up hand to quiet everyone*
We will put the pound back up on the site on Monday.
We have changed the pound a bit so we are giving everyone a chance to check out the Pound FAQ over the weekend.
We are very excited about this and we know that you are too! :)

The Neopian Pound

Welcome to the Neopian Pound.
This is where kind-hearted souls can find the perfect pet,
often far smarter and much better behaved than the younger pets.
Alternatively, cruel irresponsible owners can leave their unwanted pets and
hope that someone will eventually come along and care for them.

Select Adopt or Abandon by clicking on the appropriate desk.


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de pound not back wat

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