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Can you remember what you just saw in video clips from WordGirl??
Study the video clip. Replay it as often as you'd like, but remember to watch the timer. Answer the trivia question, and another clip will appear.
Earn points for each correct answer.
Answer all of the questions for the best score.
Want to play the game? Go HERE.

What animals caused the Butcher's downfall? - Crows
What is Scoops wearing around his neck? - Camera
What word means " A Plan, sometime Evil" - Scheme
How does chuck the evil sandwich making guy tie up word girld - Atomic Hot Dog Lasso

Struggle means - To try really hard to do

Word Girl throws around a bunch of - Pretty Impressive Word
What is Word Girl not like, Accroding to Scoops - Ordinary

What planet is Word Girl from? - Lexicon

This word means "an attractive and glamorous style" - Pizzazz

What does Word Girl like to to do when she has a free time - All of the these

Word Girl throws around a bunch of - Pretty impressive words

Word Girl wants to be called the super strong and really sweet - Princess

What does Dr Two-Brain say when Word Girl tells him to call off his scheme - It's way too late
How does Dr Two Brain plan to defeat Word Girl? - Drop a weight on her
People who don't eat meat are called - Vegetarians
What word means "What people think of someone? - Reputation
Word Girl tell Dr Two Brain to check if the machine is - Plugged In
What is not a kind of transportation? - Sandwich
These are the questions I had found.
Will update later with more.

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