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Ready to Roll:

Like any other athlete, Yooyus need to stay fit and strong so that they'll be ready for their upcoming Yooyuball matches. After all, the Yooyu is the eleventh player on the field in Yooyuball! To keep their muscles fit, Yooyus must follow a strict exercise regimen that just happens to consist mostly of rolling around.In Ready to Roll, you are a world-renowned Yooyu trainer, and it's up to you to put those Yooyus through their paces. After all, you can't have one of them giving up in the middle of an important match, you know! Using your mouse, guide the rolling Yooyus to safety, while helping them collect the sun tokens and avoid treacherous obstacles. The entire Neopian sporting community is counting on you!


Level 1:

Level 2:

LOL! That's all I can get. That show you how bad I am with these type of game.

So if you can get higher level and don't mind getting the screenshot for me, let me know. Thanks.

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the highest i can get so far is level 3.

9:55 AM

wait that was 2-1. i got 2-2 as well.

10:02 AM

2-2 is the highest for me also

6:33 AM

I got to the Waterfall level. That's number, like, 4 -- the max points you can get from there is, like, 1000. Sorry, I couldn't get the screenshot because it dumps you right above some spikes.

1:03 AM

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