Game Master Challenge #7 - Nov 25  

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Trophy for Day 7

1. Send Scores Challenge - Climbing Terror Mountain During a Blizzard

What to do:
Send a score on sixty different qualifying Flash games.

That means you have to play 15 games on the list today.


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2. Game Challenge - Merrily You Roll Along

What to do:
Roll your way to a score of 300 in Turmac Roll!

For the US Members, again you play a different game. This time, it's a really easy game - Wal*Mart: Santa's Sleigh

What to do:
Submit a score of 1000.


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3. Random Challenge - If You Can't Say Anything Nice

What to do:
Submit feedback with a score of 10 for any qualifying Flash game.

Go to the Challenge list. Click on one of the game that you have played. At the bottom of the game page, you should see something like this:

Click on it and you will see this rating page.

Make your rating - you must give it a rating 10 and send.


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4. Secret Game Challenge

What to do:
Submit score of 300 in Mop 'n' Bop.


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5. Theme Challenge - Report This Challenge to the Defenders of Neopia

Aaa says, "With today's challenge, Neopia has become a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Dare you try to divine the destination for each of today's diabolical games?"

What to do:

- Score 250 in Trouble at the National Neopian

- Score 250 in Attack of The Revenge

- Score 400 in Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars

- Score 150 in The Great Qasalan Caper


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thanks again =D

let's wait for the final challenges tomorrow

9:09 PM

did you completed Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars?

Whats your Neopets username?

9:12 PM

Yap, thanks Judy. :)

9:12 PM

My "Game Challenge" is for the Wal Mart game, so maybe it's a US thing again?

3:14 AM

i tried changing the coulntry and it didn't work! i even tried 2 different countries. at one point it actually showed the Sophie's stew challenge, and it said completed, but when i clicked to claim the prize, it said i hadn't completed the challenge and when i went back to the challenge page, it was back to having the other, harder, one.

weird, isn't it?

9:26 AM

wait, i get it, you have to change the language.

9:28 AM

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