Altador Plot - Treating the Vaeolus  

Posted by kreai

This is for derrick.

Treating the Vaeolus:


- Use the neopets clock (on top) only.
This whole process will take about 11 minutes.

- You don't have to give the treat at the exact second each time. 1 -3 seconds differences is okay. But you must complete the treatment within the minute.

Try to do it at the top of the minute. Meaning the beginning of the minute. Like 1:20: 05

eg: You check on the petpet at 1:20:05.
You give treatment at 1:20: 07
The next time you check on the petpet should be at 1:21:06
Treatment at 1:21:09. (depending on how fast your computer is)
You must give the treatment before 1:21:55 before the time change to 1:22:00

- Do not use refresh.

- Concentrate on this task. Don't place games, restock etc etc etc. The minute past very fast. If you miss one step, you will have to start all over again.

- If you need to start over, reset. You can reset by going back to the Archivist Office and re-click on the petpet.

Do it this way:
1. Past top of minute, go in and treat Vaeolus.
2. Wait until the next minute, then check and treat.
3. Wait until the next minute, then check and treat.
4. Wait until the next minute, then check and treat.
5. Wait until the next minute, then check and treat.
6. Wait until the next minute, then check and treat.
7. Wait until the next minute, then check and treat.
8. Wait until the next minute, then check and treat.
9. Wait until the next minute, then check and treat.
10. Wait until the next minute, then check and treat.
11. Wait until the next minute, then check.

You have to time this correctly. Every minute you should click 'Check in on the Vaeolus'. Then choose the option depending on the picture.

Here are the option you have to do:





Keep doing this until after the 10th time, when you click on “Check in on the Vaeolus” and see this:

After the 10th time and you still don't see the healed Vaeolus, reset. That means you must have missed a step.

Once the Skieth from the Petpet Protection League pops up, click the Symbol on the top left of the certificate he is holding, and you'll get your Gatherer constellation clue.

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could you possibly do a guide on the altador plot. I have tried using some other guides but I can't find the 1st constellation using the sites they give. At least if you could send me to a site or even to a back post that you may have done on it, it would be helpful. Thanks.

2:10 PM

Bigdog5758, I have a forum which I put altador plot in it.

You need to register cos it's a private forum with just a few members. You should be able to find the altdor plot - step by step done by me. And if you have question, you can post it there too.

3:33 PM

hahaha this crap vaeolus made me wannna quit the plot. i've made it but the pipe room was a horror. u knw it xD thats y i quit.

11:17 AM

your guide worked very well ^^ thanks ^^

12:41 PM

Idk if there is something wrong with my comp er wat but I can't see a feed button!

7:02 AM

i've been at this for half an hour clicking all the right options, he still not heald

4:58 AM

It's been to days since I started trying to treat the vaeolus.I haven't even healed the poor petpet.No offense , but your guide didn't really help me and it's really confusing me.

11:12 PM

I dont have a "feed" button. now what...

1:14 AM

I don't have a medicine button... now what?

4:44 AM

To the last two people, you need to do something to get those options.

To get the feed option you need to go to the punch club and get some pie.

To get the bandage option you need to go to the tomb and get some bandage.

To get the medicine option you need to click on the alchemy club poster. (You will not need to pay for it, so go ahead and click the potion)

1:14 PM

Thanks so much.. i got it!

9:59 PM

Thanks guy

3:42 AM

I've been trying to heal this Vaeolus for the past three hours and nothing has happened. I went through all of the steps correctly, and yet the bandage option doesn't come up for me! I even visited the tomb.

3:56 AM

Gee thanks
i spent hrs on the daily neopets one that led me to nowhere
for this guide i only had to restart once due to internet connection lag

10:47 PM

when you click the vaeolus check in or treatment?

5:55 PM

this is crazy, im trying this way now, messed up a few times lol i havent completed it yet but i really hope this way works for me i just wanted to point out that isnt neopets more so for children?? how would a kid do this?!!?!? LOL

10:00 AM

Well i did alot of these steps loads of times didnt miss one either and its still not workin found this guide tells me something different lets see if that was the problem.

1:30 PM

this one doesn't help either

1:50 PM

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3:27 AM

I HATE THIS. I SPENT ABOUT 1 and a half hours trying to do this -___-
Its pissing me off. But ill give this guide a try. Thanks for sharing!

3:39 AM

I realize this is like forever after you posted this, but I started this plot waaay back then and gave up because of this part. I just remember it today and thought I'd try again and this finally worked!!! THAAANK YOU!!!

9:33 AM

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3:06 PM

To get the bandages you go to the tomb and refresh until you see a tiny knot in the bandages (if you cant find it its clickable so your cursor will change). It takes quite a few refreshes so be pacient with it.

6:32 PM

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