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I think some of us have been waiting for this day for a whole month if not a whole year. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There are a few things to do on Halloween at Neopet.

1. The Goodies Bags.

This year goodies bag is called Scary Trick or Treat Bag in case you want to buy it from the wizard. Cheapest selling at 4,500np. Reason is everyone wants to open it and see what they get. Rumor has it that you may get Halloween Paintbrush from some of these bags. But remember, it's rumor. The last I check, if you wait a little, you may sell these bags at a higher price. Last month, last year goodie bags is selling at 13,000np.

These are the places you have to visit to get your goodies bags:

a. Tyrammet Village

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b. Deserted Fairground Scratchcards

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

c. Jhudora's Cloud

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

d. The Mystery Island Mystic

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

e. Smugglers Cove

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f. Kreludan Mining Corp.

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2. I didn't get my goodies bag.

There are some, like yours truly here, who didn't get any of the goodie bags after visiting the site above. According to the "oldies" on the board, this happened last year. All you have to do is wait and check again after 10-11 am nst or so.

3. The Side-Bar Theme.

Everyone of us should have the Halloween Side-bar Theme now. To get this sidebar theme permanently so that you can still use it after the halloween, you have to be on NEOPET on Oct 31, at 11:59:59pm NST and refresh at the Haunted Wood.

This means

Singapore and Malaysia Time: Tomorrow (Nov 1) afternoon at 2:59:59 PM.

For boludototal, that's Nov 1, 2:59:59 AM (4 hours ahead of NST) (Yap, get that alarm clock ready Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket)

That's all for now. Will update with more details later.
Now go hunting and let me know how you do.
Good Luck.

Update: It has been confirmed by myself that you can start refreshing at 11:59:00 to get the theme. You don't have to wait till 11:59:59 as some neopians had advised.

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I have found bags at Jhudoras Cloud and Smugglers Cove tonight.

3:59 PM

I have found all my bags except the one at Deserted Fairground Scratchcards.

4:34 PM

I haven't found any of them yet, they don't seem to be working for me..

4:38 PM

nikki, try again. I haven't got it either. It could be the same glitch that happened last year.

4:55 PM

Ah I like your page! I'm trying to find more people who play neo and who blog it too! Gives me something to do ya know?

5:22 PM

Thanks danniegurl4388.

5:28 PM

Kreai, I love you, want to married me? xDDD

I must program my clock ... damm!

See you all, must work now =)

5:40 PM

I have found all the goodies bag and it was around 7.30pm Singapore time when I trick or treated.

7:55 PM

I have found all bags. ^_^

12:24 AM

I DIDN'T GET THE SIDE BAR! I refreshed at the haunted woods at 11:59 and on another place. but it didn't work!! *sigh* guess theres always next year!1

3:03 AM

I didn't get the saidbar theme too. I think, that we need to go in some place in to get it. I will check other neopets fan sites.

3:06 AM

It appears that users who collected bags last year, can only collect bags this year after the time they got them last year. It must but over 365 days to the hour from the time you collected them last year. If you can't remember, like myself, just keep trying at random later times.

3:08 AM

Go again yto the links of the bags ;)

You will found it again =)

5:49 AM

shannon, not yet. You can only get the sidebar theme in about 8 hours. 11:59 today. (NST)

6:54 AM

got it finally.

6:57 AM

refreshed.. but couldn't get the sidebar theme :'(

3:01 PM

oh dear. what happened? So far most of us got it.

3:04 PM

Check your userlookup - preference. If you had refreshed, you may have got it.

3:08 PM

nope.. not there..think my pc's too slow.. all these timed to the second thingy.. i seldom get them :'(

Guess gotta wait till next yr..
Thanks anyway though..

3:18 PM

What are you saying? I was needed to refresh the page today? At 11.59.59 at morning?

5:18 PM

No, from about 11:59pm go to haunted woods and start refreshing

However, i would advise going a couple of mins early because of mass lag.

2:40 PM

I got mine all

8:43 AM

it appears(for me at least) that the'random event' rate has shot up today, for halloween i sassume :D


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