Halloween Sidebar Theme Countdown  

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It's said that you just need to be at Neopia and REFRESH at that second.
But Everyone will be at Haunted Wood.
I think it's safer to be at Haunted Wood.
So it's going to lag a fair bit. Good Luck!!!


I got it. It happened at 11:59:02pm NST. So this confirmed that you don't need to refresh at 11:59:59 as some claimed.

Unfortunately I click too fast and missed that Something has Happened Message. Sigh...

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I trying refeshing at haunted woods at the precise time 11.59:59 but there was nothing, guess I miss it T.T

3:15 PM

There are quite a lot of ppl who didn't get it either. But this is also a random event too. So that could be the reason.

3:27 PM

If that is so I feel much better ^^ by the way forget to mention that your blog is pretty cool found much stuff I didn't knew about, thank you very much :)

3:53 PM

The theme appears if you refres the page at the last minute, so, if you refresh the page at the last second, i think you lose it beccause, your pc must send the info, and the info must be prosseced, so, for neopets, you went to the page maybe at 00:00:02

I got it at 23:59:20

5:57 PM

Now I need to wait for one full year again Boo Hoo T.T

8:46 PM

me to ><

8:57 PM

Thas not so much problem, neopets will have us busy for one year, im sure =)


12:28 AM

Thanks satoshi. Next year we know better. I am sure lots more will be happening soon. Avent Calendar coming up next year.

6:54 AM

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