The Search for Princess Lunara - Story  

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The story of Princess Lunara's Search.

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This is very useful! Thank you for all the hard work. :)

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Who ran the gang that Niten Hiroru fought in the tavern?
The Kiko reaches behind his back, and retrieves a huge sword, almost four feet long. It's razor-sharp blade gleaming in the red light, spilling in from the sunset.

"Um..." the Grundo says. "Maybe I should just leave..."

The tavern keeper leans over the bar. "Yeah! Maybe you should! And take your friends with you!"

The Grundo gathers up his friends, taking them with him as he goes. He stops right at the door, looking back. "Farvor will hear about this!" Then, he's gone.

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Midnight, you are welcome.

Neomon, thanks for the info. Deeply appreciated.

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