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Questions from the Notable Neopians Categories:

Q: Which of these Petpet Species is NOT featured in Extreme Herder?
A: Harris

Q: Which of these faeries is featured in Faerie Cloud Racers?
A: Taelia

Q: What is the name of Isca's sister?
A: Caylis

Q: How many limbs does Gnarfas, the Werelupe King's Minion, have?
A: Six

Q: This famous Neopian was born in 200 BN, slept for 200 years, and has only recently awakened.
A: Count Von Roo

Q: How old is Lilian Fairweather?
A: 26

Q: Who amended the Safe Drinking Water Act in Sakhmet?
A: Senator Barca

Q: Which Aisha is Known as the Limbo Queen?
A: Kyishi

Q: Which member of the original Ghoul Catchers is a Wocky?
A: Brave Bren

Q: Who lost a limb in a freak Tombola accident?
A: Cap'n Threelegs

Q: Who is known as Sakhmet's craftiest stateman?
A: Advisor Wessle

Q: What is Sophie's Favorite Species of Petpet?
A: Meowclops

Q: Of which neopian species is the maitre d' at Kelp a member?
A: Scorchio

Q: Who is a regular at the Cheat! table, in spite of not being a very good player? (Some say she's too interested in her hair!)
A: Capara

Q: Whose bike was stolen by the Pant Devil, according to the Defenders of Neopia?
A: Ginny

Q: Who was the dark faerie who captured Baelia, the Grey Faerie?
A: Jennumara

Q: Which Petpet species has been known to eat tin cans and magical orbs?
A: Naalala

Q: Which of the following Petpets hails from Krawk Island?
A: Quadrapus

Q: The Avabot, Neotrak, Wheelie, and Pinceron can be combined to create which robot Petpet?
A: Ultra Mega Bot 2000

Q: How old is Judge Hog? (timed)
A: 32

Q: What is the name of the Poogle who judges the Poetry Contest?
A: Alstaf

Q: Who ran the gang that Niten Hiroru fought in the tavern?
A: Farvor (Thanks to all who helped with this answer.)

Q: What is the name of Chuffer Bob the Meerca's Snorkle?
A: Beefy

Q: This famous Neopian witch gives out Spooky Food in exchange for potion ingredients.
A: Edna

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Farvor is the answer to:

Who ran the gang that Niten Hiroru fought in the tavern?

Thanks for this help

7:08 AM

Raziel, Thanks for the infor.
Hope the info will help you get a high score.

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