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Question: Hello TNT. I decided to cut to the question instead of telling you about all that "you rock" stuff. My question is: what is up with the ratings? I just noticed that there are ratings on the Neopets' lookups! Are these ratings for only the Neopet lookups or for the Neopet lookup and the Petpage? I like the rating thing, but I do not know if it is for both or not. It doesn't matter if you answer this or not; I will not die from not hearing this! *waits for answer* ~babyjubjub4ever

TNT Answer: The rating is there for others to rate your Neopet, and isn't meant to score either your Neopets' UL or Petpages. We added it for those who do enjoy rating and being rated but have also allowed players the option to turn it off if they aren't into the whole rating thing. Remember though, it's just for fun so don't get too caught up in it. The most important thing is making you and your Neopet happy with the way he or she looks!

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