Game: The search for Princess Lunara  

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The Search for Princess Lunara

Oh no! Princess Lunara has been kidnapped! The Emperor has ordered all the bridges that lead to Shenkuu's docks be secured to prevent the kidnapper from escaping with the princess, and the Palace guards are scrambling to close them off.

You fancy yourself a bit of an amateur sleuth, and you arrive on the scene, all ready to save the princess! Unfortunately, the Palace guards aren't allowing anyone who can't answer their questions to cross the bridges. Hopefully, your knowledge of Neopia and its inhabitants is enough to help you find the princess. You can also bring up to two of your friends along for help.

How to play:
It's a Q&A game. You can choose 6 or 10 questions to answer. When you have answered all the questions, the princess will be found.

There are three guards, each an expert in their subject matter: All About Neopia, Neopian Culture, and Notable Neopians.

- Pick a guard and you will be asked a question from that category.
- To answer, simply buzz in using your keyboard.
- If you can answer the guards' questions, you'll be one step closer to solving this mystery in the mist and winning the generous reward.
- If you can't, you might end up having to pay out a few bribes to get past the guards…or you might be mistaken for the kidnapper and taken to prison!

Yap, if you answer the question wrongly, you can bride the guard to continue.

If you have no points, it's Game Over for you.

Note: Some questions are timed.

Some of the All about Neopia Questions:
Q: If you wanted a meal at The Golden Dubloon, where would you go?
A: Krawk Island

Q: In which NeopianLand are you most likely to be attacked by robotic Chia Clowns?
A: Haunted Woods

Q: The shopkeeper of Fanciful Fauna is a member of which Neopian Species?
A: Koi

Q: Which Neopian disease will a Tonu catch if it eats a Negg?
A: Neezles

Q: In which Neopian Land can you trade strange fruit with a faerie, have yoru old toys repaired, and send a Tuskaninny over a cliff?
A: Terror Mountain

Q: Which Neopian Land was discovered on the 30th day of the month of Swimming?
A: Meridell

Q: How far is Brightvale from Meridell?
A: 50 miles west

Q: What gift from the Space Faerie can protect your Neopet from Dark Magic in the Battledome?
A: Bandolaro

Q: What are Poogle Four's odds at Poogle Racing
A: 7:1

Q: Who is neopia's Top Plushie Tycoon?
A: Simon

Q: What is the name of the dark faerie that Aethia encountered in the Haunted Woods?
A: Fiona

Q: What is the Ghost Lupe's name believed to have been?
A: Sylva

Q: Approximately how many times a day is the Petpet Puddle used?
A: More than a 1,000

Q: Where did the Cyodrake's Gaze dock when the crew was seeking help in finding Hoban?
A: Krawk Island

Q: In Cooty Wars, shooting this species of Petpetpet will clear all Mootix with open parachutes from the screen.
A: Squipitt

Q: What disease will give a Neopet a sore throat and coughing fits?
A: Kikoughela

Q: What species of Neopet does Matt the Sewage Surfer battle in the sewer?
A: Krawk

Q: Which well-known Neopian Discovered the Lost Desert?
A: Brucey B

Q: These Neopets get a bit of a trim on the sith day of sleeping.
A: Gnorbu

Q: These Petpets are often used as Scouts for the Meridellian Army.
A: Karrens

Q: Over whom does Lady Frostbite rule?
A: Darblats

Q: What do the natives of Mystery Island call the stone circle at the top of the Deserted Tomb in Geraptiku? (timed)
A: Kalahnto

Q: What type of shell does the Collectable Sea Shells shopkeeper wear around her neck?
A: Scallop Shell

Note 2:
- Will update later with other categories' question.
- If you answer all the questions correct, you may get about 650np (depending on the speed bonus).

Will let you find out what happened to the princess. LOL.

Update Sept 15:
I have been playing this game really quickly and my highest score is 270. Nowhere near what the top scorers is. From the Board, the person who got GOLD trophy said it's faster to play this game on IE and with the Keyboard. I haven't tested his/her theory out yet cos I hate IE. LOL. If it help you with getting higher score, come here and let us know.

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is there a way to select the topic/guard using your keyboard or only using mouse?

does the speed include only time for answer or rushing between guards towers too

10:59 AM

it IS indeed faster with the keyboard.. but the best i got was 290.. i really dunno how to go beyond that.. i wan that trophy :'(

9:30 PM

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