The Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe  

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The Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe

Welcome to the Second-Hand Shoppe! Are you seeking stylish wearable items for your Neopet? Look no further! Here you'll find dozens of fashionable pieces of clothing and accessories... and they're all free, thanks to the kind donations of Neopian citizens.

Feel free to rummage through the racks or even make a donation of your own!

I just found out you can donate stuff to the thrift shop too.

Oh no, the Second-Hand Shoppe is completely out of items!

Why not donate something to help fill up the shelves again?

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Where can we find the shop?

9:34 AM

Wow, I've never heard of this place-and your site seems to be the only on the net with anything about it!
How did you find it? And how do I donate? I bought a Winter Blechy Hat to donate, but there doesn't seem to be any options.

1:05 AM

Hi anonymous, It's in the Sep 14, news. I am still trying to figure out how to donate too. There is no such option right now.

From what I know if we donate our items, it will appear at the Money Tree in Neopia Central. As for this 2nd hand shoppe, I am still trying to find where this shop is located. If you find it, come back and let me know. Thanks.

11:58 AM

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