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Questions from the Neopian Culture Categories:

Q: Which team won the Y8 Altador Cup tournament?
A: Haunted Woods

Q: Of which Neopian species is the Perfect Putter in Tyrannian Mini Gold a member?
A: Acara

Q: Which Neopian fruit tastes like chocolate and tomato?
A: Chokato

Q: How many members does the Altador Cup Committe have?
A: Three

Q: How many courses of food are offered at Kelp?
A: Four

Q: Which faerie accidentally released Hasees onto Mystery Island?
A: Casandia

Q: How many Kadoaties must you feed at the katoatery to earn the avatar?
A: 75

Q: Which of the following is an ingredient in the Sushi Hot Dog?
A: Cucumber

Q: This band had their Tyrannian Concert hall premiere in the month of Gathering, Y8
A: Mellow Marauders

Q: What is the translation of Gadgadsbogen?
A: Good, good day

Q: Which game was one of King Coltzan III's hobbies?
A: Scarab 21

Q: A Neopet of which colour and species directed Professor Fairweather and his party to Captain Rouke?
A: Pirate Shoyru

Q: In Meerca Chase II, what is the Meerca collecting?
A: Negg

Q: Who was voted MVP of the Y8 Altador Cup tournament?
A: Krell Vitor

Q: Ths band performs at the Tyrannian Concert Hall on the 24th of every month.
A: The Hikalakas

Q: What flavour of yogurt does Grundos Cafe serve?
A: Cherry

Q: In Turmac Roll, which of the following berries is worth the most?
A: Aquaberry

Q: Which Neopian Species is the owner of the Collectable Coins shop in the Art Centre a member of?
A: Skeith

Q: Who did Helmo Timm replace as Left Forward for the Kiko Lake Team in Y8?
A: Holbie Pinnock

Q: Who discovered the Gruslen?
A: Professor J.Kugar

Q: Which Altador Cup Team Captain struggles with consistency and strength?
A: Mirsha Grelinek (thanks to Bear)

Q: This strange-looking fruit is very smelly and isn't ripe until it splits.
A: Azzle

Q: Which of the following is considered a Gross Good?
A: Tuna Porridge

Q: Which was the first Petpet that Peopatra ever found?
A: Wadjet

Will update if I found more questions.

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