NQ 2: Chapter 1b - Meridell - White River City  

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After you leave the Gold Mine, go East. Keep going till you cross over a bridge like linkway known as the Northern Marches(see below) and into a plain.

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The enemies you will find here are:

Plain Lupe and

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Go South and head towards the White River City.

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What do you do at this city?
1. Rest at the inn to the right.
2. Stock up on potions in the potion store
3. Buy weapon.

It is important that you rest at the inn even if your hp is high. Reason being that if you die after leaving this city, the game will bring you back to the last resting place. Or else, Rohane will be seeing his mummy again. That's a long way away.

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Once you enter the city, you will be greeted by Jeltharo.

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Jeltharo says: "Welcome to White River. Normally I would extend every courtesy and hospitality to you that our humble town could afford, but ever since the problem with the bridge, the whole town's been in an uproar."

You say: "What problem?"

Jeltharo says: "Well, everything was fine, until one day a few weeks ago. The town was going about its business as usual, when suddenly there was a crack of thunder -- from a cloudless sky, no less! -- and a wizard appeared out of thin air. He claimed that he would 'rule all these lands,' and then cast a spell at the bridge. The bridge magically lifted itself up, and despite all our efforts, we've been unable to force it back down. Now nobody can cross the river!"

You say: "Who was the wizard?"

Jeltharo says: "The wizard was an elephante, dressed in robes, and with a mad gleam in his eyes. He frightened the wits out of me, I must say. After he cast that spell upon the bridge, he cackled maniacally and then disappeared into thin air. I've no idea where to find him, though, or how to make him reverse the spell."

You say: "What can you tell me about this town?"

Jeltharo says: "White River was founded ages ago, before recorded time. It was built at the narrowest point along the White River itself, to make passage to the Northern Marches easier. Naturally, a town grew up here. Most of the citizens are either minor wizards or merchants, dealing in trade with other cities in Meridell."

Go to the Inn.

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Talk to Horxas.

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Horxas says: "Welcome to my tavern! Although it's not much of a tavern these days, what with the bridge and all... We can't even get any ale. So there's not really anything to drink. But if you want a room for the night, it'll be 35 gold pieces."

You say: "What can you tell me about this town?"

Horxas says: "White River's a peaceful town. The bit with the wizard showing up was more excitement than we've seen in all my lifetime! Normally, we just have a few wizards who quietly practice their magics, and the tradesmen who pass through frequently. They ship all manner of goods through here, although business has dried up a bit, now that the bridge is unusable."

You say: "I'd like to rent a room for the night." (35 gp will be deducted)

Horxas says: "Thank you very much. Your room is just around the corner."

You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.

Go to the shop opposite the inn and this is what Tebor sell:

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I bought the following:

1 Iron Shortsword (dmg 8) at 400 gp
10 Blast Potions(dmg 25) at 25 gp each

I leave this town equip with Iron Shortsword and Rusty Chain Tunic Amour.

Other NCP in the city:

Gorgan says: "Say, you wouldn't happen to know anyone who needs to buy five hundred pounds of omelette, would you?"

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Bolar says: "I haven't had a drop to drink in weeks... ever since that dang wizard showed up. Horxas keeps saying he'll get some ale soon, but I don't know..."

Yauvis opens his eyes and yawns. "Eh? What do you want? You woke me up! I'm trying to catch some shuteye here! Why don't you go do something more useful, like kill that wizard who froze the bridge?" Yauvis turns over on the bed and goes back to sleep.

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Adelan says: "Dear me! The bridge is stuck in the raised position, and is unusable. Curse that wizard for doing this to our town!"

You say: "What can you tell me about the wizard?"

Adelan says: "His name is Zombom. I've known him for years; he was actually a student of mine some time back. You see, I'm a wizard myself. But I hadn't seen him in several months, when he appeared and cast that spell on our bridge. I don't know where he learned such powerful magics; I can't even figure out how to break the spell. I fear that only his demise will cause the spell's effect to end."

You say: "Where can I find the wizard?"

Adelan says: "It's only a rumor, but I've heard that he's taken up residence in an old, ruined tower on an island in the sea northeast of here. The only way to get there -- unless you can swim like a fish, or fly like a bird! -- is an underwater cave that runs under the mountains and comes up again on the island. I'm not sure exactly where it is, though. I think it lies where the forest meets the mountains, to the north."

You couldn't cross over the bridge until you have defeated Zombon. You need to cross the bridge because you need to meet Mipsy.

Note: Every steps you take, you gain 1hp.

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