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Wicked Wocky Wobble

A Wocky named Wallace has a problem – he's obsessed with collecting junk! If he happens to walk past a jumble sale, he can't help but pick up a few things, whether he needs them or not. His friends have had to go as far as keeping the existence of the Igloo Garage Sale a secret from him, for his own good.

Unfortunately, while exploring in the forest one day, Wallace found a tree that seemed to be raining junk from its branches! He didn't know to whom the items belonged or why they were being dropped, but nonetheless Wallace couldn't keep himself from grabbing the items. Wallace is now in a difficult situation, though – how will he ever get that teetering tower of someone else's trash home?

Use to your mouse to help Wallace balance his leaning pile of junk. Don't let the items fall, though, or else it'll be game over!

Guide Wallace with your mouse to catch and balance the items that drop from the sky.

First position Wallace under the falling item to catch it, and then carefully move your mouse to keep the teetering pile of items in his arms from toppling over.

Every so often, a Warf or Drackonack will come running from the side to block the Wocky's Way. Not only will Wallace be unable to catch some falling items because of the petpets standing in his path, but he will also have less space to keep his balance.

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The game is so hard! Everything fell once I got the third item xD I'm so bad at this :P

4:28 PM

The most I can get is the 4th one.
Can't move too fast too...

7:57 PM

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