NQ 2: Chapter 2f - Adverturer's Camp  

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Exiting Happy Valley, we go southward. Soon we are at the southern canyons of the Terror Mountain.Then go eastward towards the Adventurer's Camp.

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Rest and train till Level 27.

You are in an adventurers' encampment.

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Allden says: "Ah, other adventurers, it seems. Are you headed for the top of the mountain? We've been at this camp for a couple of days, ever since the last blizzard. There's a cave a little farther on, but it seems to be infested with monsters."

You say: "Yes, we're headed for the top."

Allden says: "Well, good luck to you. We're not sure whether we're going to try again, or head back down the mountain. Fighting our way through the southern canyons nearly cost us our lives, though... so I don't know if we're eager to do that again. However, we do have some extra bedrolls, and there's enough trees in this nook to keep the fire going for several more days at least. If you want to spend the night here, we'd be glad for the company."

You say: "Sure, we could use a rest." (free)

Allden says: "Sure thing." Allden and his companions spread out the rest of their bedrolls and blankets around the fire. "Take as long as you like; we're probably not going anywhere for a while."

You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.

Five says: "So, adventurers, eh?" She looks you over, and finally gives a satisfied nod. "You lot may well be able to handle the cave up ahead. I'm guessing it's pretty dangerous, partly from seeing what's inside, and partly because the monsters out here on the mountain won't go anywhere near it. That's why this spot here is so safe; no monsters."

You say: "Why are you here?"

Five's mouth quirks into a smile: "That's easy. Seems a certain member of our group thought this would be a good experience for us." She glances at Thugda, warming his hands at the fire. "Little did we expect there to be all these monsters up here. Well, I guess that's what happens when you listen to a rogue like him!" She shakes her head. "I don't know how we'll ever get off this mountain, now."

Thugda shrugs: "I heard there were lots of creatures to kill up here, worth good experience. How could I have known we'd get trapped by the weather, and hemmed in by powerful monsters? Reading the mystical future, that's not my area of expertise... that's Malarkey's deal." Thugda glares at the enchanter seated next to him. "Honestly, these guys would never go anywhere exciting at all if it wasn't for me!"

Malarkey says: "'Let's go up the mountain!' he says. 'We'll get lots of experience!' he says. What a maroon."

Then Head north into the Lost Caves.

First time fighting with 4 enemies:
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