NQ 2: Chapter 2g - Lost Cave - Snowager & Scuzzy  

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Entering the Lost Cave. The end of Chapter 2 is near. Going to go up to the Mountain Top to fight Scuzzy. Will get to meet Snowager.

The snowager doesn't want to fight us. He just want to talk.

The Snowager raises its great head from where it rests on the floor, and looks at you: "Unless I miss my guess," it says, "You are adventurers, come to... could it be? To free me from my prison, which has long been my home?"

You say: "Yes, we are here to free you."

The Snowager nods: "Indeed, then, you will wish to know what has happened. It was not four weeks ago that I awoke here in my cave, as I always have, to find that an avalanche had me blocked in. Some wicked magic holds it in place, for normally such a rockfall would be no barrier to me, but I cannot move this one aside as I have so many others."

You say: "Do you know who caused the avalanche?"

The Snowager says: "Yes. It was a huge, shaggy creature, whose name I do not know... but I have occasionally glimpsed him between the rocks that hold me here, skulking about outside. If you are to release me from this cage, I suppose you shall have to defeat him. There is another exit to this cave, to the northwest, past a river of lava, but I am too large to go that way myself. Once past it, you will be able to reach this cave from the outside, and defeat its guardian."

You say: "We will try."

The Snowager bows its head toward you: "That is all I can ask. Good luck."

After talking to the snowager, head north-west to go to the Mountain Top. Yap, the end of this part of the adventure at Terror Mountain is near.

Some enemies you meet here:

So this is what Scuzzy looks like:

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He has 400hp.
Just a few rounds and we won. That was easy.

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Then we get to watch the Video which said a virus has taken over and we landed at Lost Desert.

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Next Chapter 3.

Note 1: Gosh. I am so addicted. I think after I finished this normal level, I will try the Evil level where hopefully I can win that ramtor book. That should be good for my battledome.

Note 2: Be careful when you are clicking. You may click the wrong button and waste a potion here and there. So heartache...Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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