3b - Neoquest I - Temple of Roo - Part 2  

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Continuing from HERE.

Temple of Roo:

Entrance to Temple of ROO.

Use the Map. This place is big and you have to go round and round to get to the ground floor.

Note: The points you have been getting, you should be spending it on Shock Magic.

This is my skills upon arrival to the Temple of ROO:

I will be upgrading the Shock Magic to 6.

This is what you need to do when you enter the cave:
1. Talk to Erick near the entrance.

Erick says: "Eh? Who's that? Who's there?"

You say: "My name is sgjhjg."

Erick says: "Oh... uh... well hello... I'm glad you found me... I don't suppose you'd be willing to help an old wizard, would you?"

You say: "What kind of help?"

Erick says: "Uh... well... ages ago... when this place was... was attacked, in a terrible battle... they put a shield over this place, trapping the inhabitants... we cannot escape... uh... perhaps... perhaps you could find something for me... I could escape if I had it... please... please help..."

You say: "What do you need me to find?"

Erick says: "Need... I need... a carved oaken staff... from the grarrls who roam the plains to the south of the Desert of Roo. And... and a headpiece... one of the Jewels of Power, to... to sit atop the staff... and one last thing. An ancient artifact... the Coruscating Gem... to focus the power and create the final... the final staff. Seek the archmagus here... he has... he has the gem."

You say: "What are the Jewels of Power?"

Erick says: "The Jewels... the Jewels of Power are... are lost to time. But there is one who knows... who can tell you about them. Seek out Leirobas, to the north..."

2. Then go through the floor of Level 1.
Try to get a piece of Living Crystal from the Crystal Golem on your way in. You need this for the next weapon upgrade.

Monsters you will be battling:

All the golems that you have fought before and a few new one:

Sand Golem

Glass Golem

Crystal Golem
He gives out a piece of living crystal
(note: You get a lot of cystal golem's attack as you are leaving level 1 for level 2.)

Cave Scorpion

Giant Cave Lizard

Desert Khonsu

Temple Guardian

Greater Temple Guardian

Temple Sentinel

Temple Watchman

When you reached the end of this level, you see a cave ramp, enter it and you are going into Temple of Roo Level 2, the place where you will find the Big Boss - Archmagus of Roo.

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Why all people plays that game?

I dont understand

12:00 AM


Check that :=) if yu want a list.. thats good

4:29 AM

Ayax, people play the Neoquest I for the trophy. For Neoquest II, they want the rare battledome items like: Ramtors Spellbook, Scuzzys Comb, Sword Of Apocalypse.

8:38 AM

So... if i play neoquest II and i get items there, i keep its in my items or in my SDB?

Thats nice, but, i do´t play it, beacuse it restarts when you change of active pet, and i change every day to fish...

You must finish the game in a month or you have all the time?

1:55 PM

Ayax, select the pet that you know you won't give it away or pound it. Then play. When you change it to fish, no problem. All you need to do is change it back to the pet you are playing with and it will continue from there.

You can take your time to play. You don't have to finish it in a month.

7:26 AM

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