Lutari Talisman Part 2  

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A year ago, I made a post on Lutari Talisman .

Tonight, I was out Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket when I received a long distance call. This family member told me that there are some activites going on with this talisman.

Based on what the main Lutari Talisman page says, the Talisman will increase your chances of encountering Random Events while exploring the Neopets site. However, this has not yet to be confirmed. However, a family member (yes, my neopet diseases has spread to a few members of the family Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket) has been buying these beads and putting it on the talisman and he said that when you played game, you will get extra bonuses. It has also been confirmed that it will gives you discounts at the neoshops.

So the question now is am I going to spend millions on these beads just so I can get discount from the shop and maybe randomly double my score? Look at the price of these beads. (For a full detail of the beads, refer to my previous post.)

At this point in time, I won't buy the beads yet because I am concentrating at training my pet. Maybe after I am done with my gallery and training of my pet, I may consider this. Let me sleep on it first. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Update #1:

My friend Ai Lay, sent me this screenie to show the bonus you get from playing the game. And she also sent me a screenie of her Talisman. She didn't get all the beads but it's enough to be giving her the bonus. Thanks Ai Lay for these screenie.

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Just take your phone, invite a friend by this way, and when he downloads the game to his/her cellular, you get 1 tiny rock ;)

I dont did it, an i dont know if it works, in the program of promotions, i invite too much frinds but never tnt gives me anyone of the items :(

(srry for my english, im from argentina.. soooo... i speak spanish :P)

4:48 AM

Thanks Boludototal for the info. Yes to get the beads, you need to be playing Neopet on your cell phone.

TNT promised that no one can use Real Money to gain advantages on Neopet, but look at it. Neopians from USA can subscribe to phone company at cheap rate, play Neopet on their cell phone and gather beads and sell them in Neopet. Now tell me if this is not an advantages to those players that don't have this services or having to pay lots of money for this service?

7:06 AM

Hey, my brother have only one Green Uranu Bead in his talsiman but it SHH he get very rare things.. maps (53K NP) other maps (19K NP) paint brush (59K NP) and etc.

6:29 PM

Rihards, I heard that the green beads are better. Haven't confirm that yet.

8:19 PM

You have all reason, im from argentina... i havent so much money to play... and my phone thoesnt support the page :(

But i will find the way to win some one :)

(im happy, i have internet in my house... this is the second page that i open :D)

10:04 PM

Srry, but the money increassed in the photos its for the space fearie talisman and its just for premmys :(

10:09 PM

Stars X12 Android 2.2v Smart Phone

2:36 PM

Creative EP830

11:12 AM

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