3a - Neoquest I - Temple of Roo - Part 1  

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After you have defeated Rollay at the Jungle Ruins, head back to Neopia City and talk to Eleus Batrin. Here's the conversation:

Eleus Batrin says: "Greetings, sgjhjg."

You say: "What can you tell me about this medallion I found in the Jungle Ruins?"

Eleus Batrin says: "This is interesting, very interesting... I can tell you straight away that I can't translate the inscription on this medallion. The characters do look familiar, though. Maybe... there might be someone who can help. You should take this to Gali Yoj; she was my teacher, long ago. Last I heard, she was living far to the south, though, in a place called Sunny Town. I don't really know where it is, but I know that to get there you need to head west past the Spooky Forest, and then south through the Great Swamp. From there, you'll have to ask directions."

So you have to go find Gali Yoj at Sunny Town.

Say good-bye to Neopia City. You won't be coming back this way anymore.

Now here begins the new adventure: Part 3 of the NQI - Temple of Roo.

Part A: Weapon Upgrade
By now, my skills look like this:

You should also have Damage 10 weapon (Nature Wand) and Defense 6 armor (Magic Robe).

Therefore, it's time to upgrade your armor. To get the new armor, head west from Neopia City, through the swamp and into Swamp Edge City. Talk to Leirobas.

Conversation with Leirobas:

Leirobas says, "What the heck do you want?"

You say, "What do you do here?"

Leirobas says, "As if you don't know. Fine, I'll play along. I collect components for various magic spells, usually precious bodily fluids from creatures. Lately it's been difficult, though, what with the giant creatures rampaging all over the desert, which is where I usually get most of my stuff. I don't need it so badly that I'm willing to risk getting killed for it!"

You say, "What kind of stuff do you need?"

Leirobas says, "Why are you so interested? All right, all right... I need four things: the blood of a giant spyder, venom from a desert cobra, some skeith spit, and some sand that's been treated with the blood of a mummy -- it'll be crystallized. Bring me that, and I can use it to enchant myself some new robes. Then you can have this one I'm wearing now. Now, off with you! I'm busy."

Converstaion with Mokti:

Mokti says, "Hello! Welcome to Swamp Edge City. My name is Mokti!"
You say, "What can you tell me about this area?"

Mokti says, "Well, this is Swamp Edge City, as I said... not a very creative name, since we're right on the edge of the Great Swamp. Thankfully the creatures that live out there don't come very far out of the swamp itself, so we're safe here. There's not a whole lot of people who live here, really, so there's not much to tell... to the south are some grasslands and then the Desert of Roo. I once went into the Desert of Roo to see if I could get to the other side, but even though I was well-provisioned with food and water, after three days of crossing the sands, there was no end in sight, so I turned back. I've heard that there are some mountains and forests south of the desert, but the desert could go on forever for all I know."

You say, "Can you tell me more about the desert?"

Mokti says, "Well, sure. It's... well, it's a desert. Lots of sand and rock and nasty creatures. There weren't so many when I tried to cross it, but since then I've heard that it's overrun with giant critters and horrible undead fiends. Which is too bad, because I was trying to collect some things from there, but now it's too dangerous."

You say, "What were you collecting?"

Mokti says, "Well, I've always been interested in lizards and snakes and spyders and other kinds of creepy-crawlies, and with the rumors of giant beasties out there... well, let me just say that I'd love to be able to get a closer look at them. Dead, of course. What I'm looking for is a leg and a pincer from some of the huge spyders, a desert cobrall fang -- watch out, they're poisonous -- and a skeith's eye. If you can bring me all that, I'll give you this old hunk of junk generator here. I don't need it."

Now you can go South into the Desert of Roo. Fight the monsters and collect the following:

Set A:
Spyder Leg (Sand Spyder)
Spyder Pincer (Dust Spyder)
Cobrall Fang (Desert Cobrall)
Skeith Eye (Sand Skeith)


Set B:
Spyder Blood (Sand Spyder)
Cobrall Venom (Desert Cobrall)
Skeith Spit (Sand Skeith)
Crystallized sand (Desert Zombie)

Part B:
Now go back to the desert and head towards the Temple of Roo. You should level up to level 29 - 31.

On the way, you will get to meet these monsters:

As you travel down south, you will enter Desert of Roo. It is here you should collect all the items to get you another weapon. The monsters here are very weak:

Giant Sand Spyder
It will gives you giant spider leg and giant spider blood!

Giant Dust Spyder
It carries a Dust Spider Pincer.

Desert Cobrall
It carries a Desert Cobra Fang, a Drop of Desert Cobra Venom

Desert Zombie
It will give you the Pinch of Crystallized Sand

Dust Mummy


Sand Skeith
It carries a Sand Iguana Eye, Glob of Dried Iguana Spit

Once you have collected one of the set, go back to Swamp Edge City, and get the Dawnshine Generator Shield or Sorcerous Robe and equip it. The Dawnshine Generator items are easier to collect. It doesn't matter what item you collected. They work the same.

Now that you have equip your Dawnshine Generator Shield, a Defence 10 Armour, you have to go down the desert area into the grassy area to hunt for the Grarrl. They carry Carved Staff. If you are low on glowing stone, stay around here and fight the golem. They give away glowing stones.

Monster found at Hill of Roo:

Young Plains Grarrl

Plain Grarrl
It will give you the Carved Oak Staff.

Elder Plains Grarrl

Ancient Plains Grarrl

Rock Golem

Iron Golem

Stone Golem
Gives out Glowing Stone

Steel Golem
Gives out Glowing Stone.

Once you got the Staff, you can head over to the Temple of Roo. It's a cave that's in the Desert of Roo.

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