Lutari Talisman  

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It is said that if you possess one of the mysterious Lutari Island beads, you can place it on your own Lutari Talisman. The more beads you have, the stronger your Talisman's effects!

There are 5 types of beads:

And each bead has 4 types of color: red, yellow, blue and green.

Red = Strength
Yellow = Speed
Blue = Diplomacy
Green = Luck

Every neopian has the tailsman in their userlookup.

Right now, the beads can only be obtained by referring a friend who then signs up for Neopets Mobile, via Random Events as you explore Neopia, and other ways that have yet to be discovered. That means us neopian outside the USA won't be able to get it unless we buy it in auction or trading. I managed to get one from trading. The asking price is about 250,000-300,000np.

When you got a bead, go to your Inventory, click on the bead and select "Put into your Talisman" from the drop down menu. The bead will then appear on your Talisman below.

That's my tailsman. I have only collected 1 Yellow Urapa Bead.

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What can a tailsman do?

11:20 AM

I got one and im not in the u.s.a or canada or anyplace like that... i got it... for some random reason, i have NO IDEA where it cam from o.o

11:55 AM

sell it 2 me

11:34 PM

I got a blue urapa bead in a random event while playing Pyramids, and I've been looking for possible effects it could be having while on my talisman, so far the only thing I've noticed is an increase in the random speech sentences that appear below your active neopet's pic in the left side of the screen.


11:56 PM

Anyone seen a Tongi?

5:34 AM

I like Cheese...


8:55 AM

you can only get tongi by joining neopets mobile or referring people. unfortunately only cingular and t mobile can get neo mobile.

4:23 AM

hey i am giving out beads to everyone..
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10:22 PM

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3:53 PM

didnt read it all first scammer

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4:24 AM

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9:04 PM

I was bidding on a Blue Urapa Bead, and was wondering what can it do?? Can it increase my random events ( Cause I would love that ) or lower prices in normal Neopian shops or double the amount of NP I play in a game?? Which one is it?

4:05 AM

I've bought a red urapa and some days later when I was buying "Buzz Honey Pot" at the Neopian Fresh Foods, the price was a little lower than normal :D

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