DoN: Series 1: Mission 10 - Evil Sloth Clone  

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Mission 10: Evil Sloth Clone

Difficulty Rating: 85

starting Hit Points: 100

Location Hint Your Neopet will weigh a lot less here
(Get this challenger on the Moon of Kreludor.)

Suggested Minimum Strength: 125

Tip: This opponent is a pushover and can be defeated with a lower strength if your Neopet isn't trained to 125.

You have to fight him 4 times:



How I beat him:

Step 1: Snowglobe Staff and Purple Hand and Burrow

Step 2: 2 Exploding snowballs and Sink

Step 3: 1 Snowball and Scuzzy's Comb and Berserk Attack

Step 4: 1 Snowball and Scuzzy's Comb and berserk.

That's Round 1 down. 3 more to go.

Decide to change my weapons:

Round 2 Win:

Round 3 Win:

Round 4 Win:

In round 2-4, I used Scuzzy's Comb and Scarab Ring and Burrow or Berserk Attack until I defeated him.

Getting the trophy:

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hey do you still have the honey potion?????

i dont really want to buy it.... but could i give you enough collateral??????

6:54 AM

it's reusable. Once you can only use it once every battle.

I would advise you getting it especially if you are going to play the DoN and in future plot, it will be good for battle. And it's good to get it now as there is no plot going on and is cheaper. Once a plot start, all prices for battle items will rise.

7:02 AM

What is DoN?

5:53 PM

boludototal, DoN is Defender of Neopia. You have already done up till mission 7.

6:28 PM

xD i don`t know the short words, remember, i speack in spanish ;)

You must kill him 4 times? damm it... i can't beat 1 time meercas xD

My neopets has 55 of attack and 20 of defense :(

7:20 PM

boludototal, you need to raise your strength and defense for the ghost. Evil Sloth is much easier to fight than the ghost.

9:21 PM


doest increasing your defense actually block attacks?

12:42 AM

I cant, i have 160 of HP and lvl 2 :S so, i cant go up to a good defence skill if i dont grow more than 80 lvls

6:02 PM

I still can't find the Evil Slone Clone...

8:44 PM

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