Game: Shenkuu River Rush  

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Shenkuu River Rush

This game requires the 3D Life Player plugin and guess what? I can't play because when I tried to install the plugin, this happened:

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This is why I continue to have a love-hate relationship with VISTA!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 comments too...I don't have that...but I just installed it...and then I'm playing xD Doesn't it pop up a yellow bar thingo at the top and you right-click to install? Or you can install a newer version right?

6:02 PM

Vicki, I haven't explore it yet. Will have to look into it. Sometimes I really hate VISTA.

10:51 PM

im horrible at this game for some reason... i followed the instructions, and im trying to do the moves....

then nothing happens and i crash into a wall or something

12:03 AM

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