Me vs The Giant Ghostkerchief - Part 4  

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Okay, after a few training session to up my HP and Level, I went to boost my Defence to level 55. Then I went to buy an Enchanted Wooden Bow (22k).

Bought myself 2 more Water Muffin at 4k each and 1 Thick Smoke Bomb at 10k.

Total spent: 40,000np

And to the battledome.

This is what happened:

Round 1: Scroll of Freeze and Scuzzy's Comb with Burrow.

Round 2: Water Muffin and Honey Potion with Berserk Attack.

Round 3: Thick Smoke Bomb and Water Muffin with Berserk Attack.

Round 4: Scuzzy's Comb and Downsize with Regeneration.

Round 5: Scuzzy's Comb and Enchanted Wooden Bow with Regeneration.

Yap. I defeated him. I ran over and took off that sheet and found there is nothing underneath. hahahaha!!!

I went off to collect my trophy!!!

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Yeah, way to go!!!!


6:31 AM

Thnx May. I was so nervous. Hahahaha!!!

7:13 AM

Nice to see that, i have my items tobattle but... are the toth of terask and scarab ring xD

And my defense is in 20 x_D

5:36 PM

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