Altador Cup 2007: The Finals  

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From the Altador Cup 2007 News:
At long last, after a month of Round Robin play, the tournament's four finalists have been determined. In the battle for third place, Shenkuu's surprising squad will be squaring off against the swashbucklers from Krawk Island, while the championship match will feature Roo Island's team going up against the mighty Darigan Citadel.

The finals will stretch over a 4-day span to ensure that all sides have sufficient time to prove they have the endurance and support to prevail. This means that playing well on only one day will not be enough this time around. Once the dust settles, the Altador Cup Committee will review all the scores and announce the new Altador Cup champions on Monday!

This year's big story has been the stunning late charge by Shenkuu, which not only overcame low expectations for their first cup appearance, but have also won nine of their last ten Yooyuball matches (including quality victories over Mystery Island and Krawk Island, plus a hard-fought tie against the Darigan Citadel). Grelinek and Foltaggio have been a brilliant scoring tandem in this year's tourney, but after their loss to Shenkuu on the 27th of last month, you can bet that Garven Hale and the squad from Krawk Island are not going down without a fight.

In the battle to take home the championship, last year's runners up from the Darigan Citadel will be facing off against those fierce upstarts from tiny Roo Island. The two teams split their previous Yooyuball matches in the tournament, so this one could really go either way. Also worth mentioning is the fact that, while Rooligans are quick to point out the Citadel's less than stellar slushie slinging skills, Darigan's defenders are equally fast about touting their superior noisemaking talent. Therefore, by all accounts, this is one match that should go down to the wire. May the best team win!

Yipee!!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket We are in the final. Fighting for the 3rd or 4th place.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Please show your support to the Shenkuu Team. Please. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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My team didn't get to the finals...BUT! I'm supporting Shenkuu now ^^

7:55 PM

Thanks Vicki. I hope we win at least the 3rd place and I am sure you will get a lovely trophy for your support. Play as many games as possible.

10:56 PM

my team,haunted woods, also didn't make the final and i am suporting shenkuu.

9:55 AM

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