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Yap, you can collect your prizes now.

But what about the trophy? How come no trophy? Or is it just me? Because I didn't finish the last 2 days of this plot. What about you (who completed the plot)? Can you let me know if you got trophy? Thanks.

If you are curious about the solution, go to the Solution Page.

To collect your prize, go to Journey To The Lost Isle Prize Shop

You stand before a stately wooden door and knock politely on its polished exterior. A voice calls for you to come in, and you gently push it open. Professor Hugo Fairweather sits in his office, surrounded by innumerable piles of old books. There is the musty smell of old parchment, and dust clouds stir lightly around the room. "Ahh, welcome," the Professor says genially, looking up from where he has been writing into a notebook."You must be here for the prizes! Just give me a moment here..."

Professor Fairweather rummages through some of the books on his desks and pulls one out. He flips through several pages and scans the list of names written in there. "According to this, you have xxxx points left to spend. Enjoy looking around!"

You can go HERE to see the Prize.

Update #1:

Mystery on the trophy solved.
You have to make a purchase to get the trophy. I don't know if it's the slow loading of the page that I don't get that Something Has Happened message. But when I check my userlookup, the trophy is there. I can't decide what to buy yet. So I just spent 25pts buying that keychain first.

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hey about the trophy, I just visited the site, there wasn't a something has happened thing, but I got my trophy without paying or whatever...

8:00 PM

Vicki, did you buy an item? For my case and a lot of people from the Board said that you need to purchase an item before your trophy would be displayed in your userlookup. And yes, this time is different from previous plot. There is no Something Has Happened message to tell you that you have got a trophy.

We also don't get avatar, or sidebar. And personally, I feel that the prize is really not worth the effort we put in for the plot.

But I believe there is a part 2 to this plot.

10:52 PM

me too.

and there is only 1 kind of trophy :'(

1:01 AM

Maybe they were in a hurry...afterall, there's the Altador Cup to work with ^^'

7:13 PM

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