Altador Cup 2007 - Final Score  

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Yap. Personal score is updated. And this is my final score. Not enough to get me to Level 6. But this is a huge improvement for me. How's your score?

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I just passed level 9.... i was hoping for level 10, and i could have easily gotten it in the finals, but i was just so busy this weekend.....

Go Darigan!!

8:20 PM

High Five to lvl. 9-ers! It was my goal because of the trophy color upgrade (my theory is that trophy colors will determine prizes, but it's just a theory^^)

I had 517 YYB games with 2769 goals, 111 SS, and 941 MSN.

Shenkuu for Third!

9:28 PM

tex, hopefully Darigan will win Roo.

Regiment, your prize will definitely be determine by your level. Those on the board said if your levels are high enough, you may be able to get PB. That's why lots of ppl go all the way. 517YYB - that's really good.

I will try to play more next year. But I really suck at yyb. That game just send my blood pressure up the roof. LOL.

10:11 PM

ya i hope DC will win too...

if i had a better idea about the ranking system sooner on then i would be higher....

i also figured out how to play yooyuball and do other things on neopets at the same time

3:01 AM

Yay DC and Shenkuu! Everyone posting on this board is happy now? :)

11:57 AM

Yipee!!!! Yap, Tex and G, Congratz. And Regiment, we did good. We came 3rd. We beat the KI. I think TNT should do an article about us. We came a long way. Nobody think much about us. But we showed them. Hahahaha!!!

12:29 PM

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