DoN: Series 1: Mission 9 - Giant Ghostkerchief  

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Giant Ghostkerchief

Difficulty Rating: 250
starting Hit Points: 250
Location Hint The first day of the Month of Storing is quite an interesting date. You can find this Challenger visiting the News page here!
Suggested Minimum Strength: 125
Tip: TNT's advise is that this battle is possible to win with 85 strength, but it would require you to invest in very expensive items. So it's recommended to raise your strength to 125 instead. The Giant Ghostkerchief has devastating weapons and the ability to fully heal, so beware.

The Comic:

My Weapons:

This is what I did. But resulted in a draw because I make 1 mistake. This is the 2nd round because the 1st round, I make a mistake. I have to withdraw and buy the weapon and go battle again. Sigh...

Step 1:
Used the Scroll of Freezing and hitting him with the Scuzzy's Comb and my Burrowing ability.

Step 2:
With him being frozen, I hit him with a Water Muffin and a Honey Potion with Berserk Attack to really knock down his Hit Points.

Step 3:
During this turn, I used a Thick Smoke Bomb to negate damage, while using Berserk with another Water Muffin.

Step 4:
I continue to pound at him with the Scuzzy's Comb, while using a Downsize! until the Giant Ghostkerchief is defeated.

It's a draw. Sigh... I think I will go and upgrade some HP before I fight again.

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