DoN: Series 1: Mission 9 - Giant Ghostkerchief - Part 2  

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Sigh... what can I say. My HP is too low. Need more training.

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im stuck on mission 8..... i have 213 hp and 115 strength.... do you think ill be able to beat the meerca henchman w/o a honey potion....

maybe i just need to buy a freezing item...

7:48 AM

If you don't mind me asking, what's your strength/defence like? I'm around 110 for both plus the same for HP and I've never gotten as close as you with Ghostkerchief. You're doing pretty well!

11:10 AM

Tex- I beat Meerca with less than that. Go to DoN series 1 tag and check out what I did to defeat meerca.

2:54 PM


This is my stats:
Health: 82 / 119
Mood: delighted!
Hunger: bloated
Strength: LEGENDARY (125)
Defence: EXCELLENT (50)
Move: EXCELLENT (42)

I guess I need to up my defence. I am training for HP right now. Going to go after that piece of handkerchief soon. LOL!

2:56 PM

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