Altador Cup 2007 - Yooyuball  

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The Story of Yooyuball

When Yooyuball was first created, the citizens of Altador wanted to celebrate their new city by creating a game unlike any that Neopia had ever seen before. It was during this time that Altadorians first discovered the Yooyu species. This amazing Petpet, which was incredibly hardy and quite intelligent, had the ability to curl itself into the shape of a ball. Ever since then, Yooyus have been taken in and treated like tiny kings, training to be the very best so that they may one day get a chance to participate in this unique but enjoyable sport.

There are a few Yooyus that are used in each game. There are 3 new additions for this year's Cup, which gives the sport an unpredictable twist. For example, a team might alter its particular strategy depending on the type of Yooyu that's currently in play.


This Yooyu must be transferred very quickly between team-mates, since keeping it too long can result in some rather unpleasant burns.


This kind of Yooyu makes for a very slow ball, and its piercing cold slows the muscles of those playing with it.


This Yooyu is extremely unpredictable and will often move in crazy patterns.


This Yooyu floats lightly through the air, leaving players to wonder when it will drop down low enough for them to capture and pass it.

3 Yooyu Balls introduced this year:

The most common form, this Yooyu behaves as you might expect without any effects.


A misbehaving Yooyu that flies askew from the direction the player is facing.

Yap. It may not necessary move the direction you want it to go. Instead, everytime I click onto the goal, it move the other way. Gosh!!!


A wind-up robotic Yooyu toy that will explode within 10 or 15 seconds if it isn't put into a goal. And the player that holds on too long to it will disappeared with an explosion. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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