Altador Cup 2007 - An Introduction  

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The Altador Cup Is Back!

What is the Altador Cup?

The Altador Cup is a yearly gaming plot on Neopets which started on June 1, and continues until gaming is completed. It first game was started in June 1, 2006. It's a sporting event with 16 teams from the lands of Neopia and they gathered in Altador to compete in the sport of Yooyuball for the Altador Cup trophy. (I personally thought it has was influenced by the World Cup last year. LOL)

How to play the game?
The game to played to win the Altador Cup is called Yooyuball. Players carry a ball in a sling and charge down the field, trying to throw the ball into the other team's net to score a goal. (Soccer right?)

The ball is actually a rolled up Petpet called a Yooyu, a creature native to Altador.

There are a variety of Yooyus used in the game with different abilities.

It's just way too complicated for me. Let's just say Soccer is not my favorite game. And playing games that require the use of my hand, my brain and my eye.... no! no! no!...Sigh!!!...

Few things that is new this year:
-Once you pick your team, you will be unable to change it, so choose wisely.

-Once you pick your team, you will be given a background, which you can put in your closet to put behind your pet to support your team.

When you look at your pet, it will have a background attached.

-While fighting you will earn badges ranking 0-20. 0 being the lowest rank and 20 being the highest.

-You will get a team navigation bar in the Colosseum.

-Kreludor is not a playable team this year, instead Shenkuu will be playing in their place.

- Slushie Slinger

Added in the 2007 games, Slushie Slinger is an optional game users could play for lower points if they tire of playing Yooyuball. Users must help a Tuskaninny waitress at the Slushie Concession Stand serve impatient fans their slushies while Yooyuball games play. Made available to play on June 5.

- Make Some Noise

Added in the 2007 games, Make Some Noise is an optional game users could play for lower points if they tire of playing Yooyuball. Assuming the role of the Techo Fanatic, users must cheer as loud as they can by tapping two keys together, raising the sound meter. Made available to play on June 5.

How to decide which team to join?

1. Information on all the teams are found HERE. Click on the team flag and find out more about the team.

2. You may take a quizz help to help you to decide which team to join.

Hurry, go sign up. Game starts on June 5.

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I'm on Brightvale's team. I just went with the suggestion from the Quiz this year. :) I suck at Yooyuball but at least the Noise game is pretty easy. Slushie was kinda frustrating cause I couldn't move fast enough.

Good luck to you :)

1:08 AM

Cool I joined Darigain :) i like yooyuball its really easy for and so is the make some noise :) the slushie sucks :( so i dont play it. Anyways Do any of yall know who is in first?

6:00 PM

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