Altador Cup 2007 - How to play  

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There are 2 ways to play the game. Your mouse or your keyboard:

The Mouse:

There are 3 functions of the mouse in this game:

1. To select a player - Move your mouse on any player on the field to select him. You will know your targeted player is selected by the little white circle around him.

2. Moving your player - Once your player is selected, move your mouse in the direction you want your character to go.

If you haven't got a player selected, click on the area of the map that you want one of your players to go to and the closest one will travel there.

A small X will mark the spot where your player will eventually stop. This is a great way to have more than one player travelling at the same time.

Please note however that the goalie cannot exit his little box around the net.

3. Passing the ball - Move your mouse in the direction you want the ball to go and left click to launch the ball in that direction.

The Keyboard:

Yes, as if that wasn't complicated enough, now there's more!

1. Spacebar / S - Press this to unselect your character. However, this isn't necessary to switch your characters, you can simply move the mouse on top of the player you wish to control.

2. A / D - You can use this to toggle between players you wish to control. This doesn't help much, but its an option.

3. Shift - If one of the opposing team's players has a break-away, press this key to make all your players return to their original positions in your chosen formation. This is easier than using the 'X' tactic.

Gosh!!! Personally, I would use the mouse.

How to play Yooyuball?

1. Choose a Formation

2. Choose the Direction to play

3. A ball will come up from the ground and you start playing. Good luck and go pratice. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The 3 Games
Playing any of the three games will contribute to your overall score and help your team achieve Altador Cup glory. Yooyuball is, of course, the main staple of the Altador Cup and will earn you the most points. Should you need a break from the perils of Yooyuball, however, the additional games will also earn you points, though not as many.

This is good news for me because last year, I scored 1 point. Miserable. So I will be playing all these other games hopefully I can get something out of this cup.

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